Become a Member Group

Becoming a CUPAL Member Group

Is your undergraduate student-run performing arts group interested in joining CUPAL? We welcome applications throughout the year and look forward to welcoming your group under our umbrella!

Members of CUPAL are already established, financially independent performing arts groups recognized by ABC or GBB. As a member group, benefits received include:

  • ◦ Continued support and advocacy to promote the flourishing of each member group.
  • ◦ Facilitated cooperation among member performing arts groups.
  • ◦ Aid in working with the administration, space issues, and other bureaucratic challenges.
  • ◦ A performance place in the annual CUPAL Showcase event each spring.
  • ◦ Access to all of CUPAL’s programming throughout the year.
  • ◦ Promotion of your group and your group’s performances and events through CUPAL materials. *

From each member group, CUPAL expects attendance at required CUPAL meetings and an openness to the promotion and cooperation of all performing arts on campus. CUPAL also supports and can be a resource for newly forming performing arts groups.

If your organization is intersted in becoming a member of CUPAL, please email The Executive Board at