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URW 2006-2007: Chicago's South Side
In the 2006-07, the workshop joined forced with the Columbia Undergraduate Urban Studies Group (CUrbs) and turned their focus to a great American urban metropolis, Chicago. They worked with archival issues of the weekly journal based on Chicago's Southside. The journal documented political and cultural events in the historic Bronzeville community in the 1990's. In January, the students traveled to Chicago to meet with the founders of the journal as well as other key figures in the local area. They are currently in the process of creating a website to document the role of the journal in this community.

Events Series

Fall 2006:
Screening of documentary film Favela Rising

Spring 2007:
Conference on Gentrification

Final Conference: Screening of Sudhir Alladi Venkatesh's documentary film Dislocation and presentation of the forthcoming South Side Chicago Website. Guest speakers include public housing resident Dorothy Battie and South Street Journal founder Ron Carter.

Trip to Chicago Pictures

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