"For students and citizens who want actually to do good—and not just feel good—in the field of humanitarian affairs, this is a model worth considering."

-- David Feith, Editor-In-Chief
The Sympathy Market

The Current

Chevron Stock Campaign

In Winter, 2007, The Current published an editorial advocating that Columbia divest from Chevron Corp. We found their environmental and social practices in Ecuador to be below a proper standard of corporate accountability. In Spring, 2007, Chevron responded to our editorial, suggesting that we read two more articles on the topic and calling our editorial "nothing more than pro­paganda." You can see our response here Our editorial was submited to Columbia's Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing, which cited us in their interim report (page four) along with amnesty international as factors in their decision to review the issue.

Upon review, The Advisory Committee on Socially Responsible Investing unanimously suggested Columbia's trustees vote for a shareholder resolution telling Chevron to uphold a standard of socially responsible behavior, even when the laws of a host country would allow negligent behavior. Columia's trustees voted our shares in favor of the resolution.

In addition, Merritt Fox, chair of the Committe on Socially Responsible Investing, sent a letter to the CEO and Chairman of Chevron, encouraging the corporation to consider human and environmental rights in nations where they work, and to settle the Ecuador case. You can read the letter here.

While Columbia did not choose the avenue we recomended, we are glad that our advocacy helped Columbia find an apropriate moral action.