Editor's Note
Jordan C. Hirsch, Editor-in-Chief
The Satanic Adversaries: Self–Censorship and the Rushdie Legacy
Sam Kerbel
Letters to the Editor
The Rhino Tramples Through
Judea Pearl, Featured Writer
Boroughing: Making Eyes with Grandma
Alexios Shaw
Interview: Joel Rosenthal
Sara Arrow and Alexios Shaw
Boroughing: Eagle Theater
Christopher Morris-Lent
Review: Aid Wars
Evan Daar
Far Flung:
Dress–Code Charades in the Streets of Tehran

Aida Sadr
Men and Clocks
Review: Tinkers

Gwenneth Cullen
The Realist Turn
Nick Serpe
The End of the World:
Jewish Physics

Allon Brann
Immature Democracy: For Israel, Constiutionalism is a Matter of Survival
Armin Rosen

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