"For students and citizens who want actually to do good—and not just feel good—in the field of humanitarian affairs, this is a model worth considering."

-- David Feith, Editor-In-Chief
The Sympathy Market

The Current

Editorial Staff

David Feith (Editor-In-Chief) is a Junior in Columbia College. Originally from Bethesda, Maryland, he is majoring in History and spends far too much time reading the internet. David can be reached at djf2103@columbia.edu.

Eliav Bitan (Managing Editor) is a Columbia College Junior studying Environmental Science and concentrating in Sustainable Development (hopefully). He plays basketball in his free time and reads compulsively. Eliav can be reached at eib2103@columbia.edu.

Reuven Garrett (Managing Editor) is a Columbia College Junior. He lives in EC 808 and welcomes visitors to his suite. Reuven can be reached at rpg2103@columbia.edu.

Dov Friedman (Senior Editor), a Columbia College Junior, is majoring in history. He may also have an unhealthy obsession with The Sports Guy. Dov can be reached at dsf2108@columbia.edu.

Andrew Flynn (Literary Editor) is a Senior in Columbia College majoring in philosophy and history. He is also the Features Editor of The Blue and White. This, and every other picture of him, was taken by Sumaiya Ahmed. Andrew can be reached at amf2114@columbia.edu.

Miriam Krule (Deputy Literary Editor) is a Columbia College sophomore majoring in Comparative Literature (if she can figure out how to apply) and possibly Philosophy. She likes to take pictures and wishes she had more times to read. In addition to her role with The Current, she is an Associate Editorial Page Editor of the Columbia Spectator. Miriam can be reached at mrk2119@columbia.edu.

Sumaiya Ahmed (Arts Editor) is a junior studying Arabic and French. In addition to being the Arts Editor of The Current, she illustrates and writes for The Blue and White. Sumaiya can be reached at saa2119@columbia.edu.

Sarah Brafman (Deputy Arts Editor) is a sophomore student at Columbia College currently pursuing all fields as possibilities for a major. She is also on the board of LionPAC and COREFoods. Sarah can be reached at sjb2128@columbia.edu.

Avi Herring (Junior Editor) is a sophomore student at the joint program between General Studies and the Jewish Theological Seminary. In high school, he served as Editor-in-Chief of his school newspaper in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Avi can be reached at ayk2107@columbia.edu.

Jordan Hirsch (Junior Editor), Columbia College '10, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. Jordan was previously President of Students Against Terrorism, a regular op-ed contributor to the Dallas Morning News, and currently writes for the Columbia Spectator opinion section. Jordan intends to major in Middle East Studies, Creative Writing, or Political Science and enjoys reading, working out, and watching TV. Jordan can be reached at jch2134@columbia.edu.

Ariel Pollock (Junior Editor) is a sophomore at Columbia College. She is interested in Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures, and political science. If you want to act or buy coffee, she's a good person to talk to, because she is part of Hillel Theater and she works at Cafe Nana. Ariel can be reached at amp2135@columbia.edu.

Emily Steinberger (Junior Editor) is a sophomore in Columbia College, hailing originally from Teaneck, NJ. Emily can be reached at eas2142@columbia.edu.

Elana Riback (Copy Editor) is a Columbia College sophomore hailing from Queens. She's planning on a major in English with a concentration in Education. Elana enjoys classical music, The Wizard of Oz, and grammatically correct sentences. Semicolons are a particular favorite. Elana can be reached at ear2121@columbia.edu.

Michael Weissmann (Copy Editor) is a junior in GS/JTS. He is majoring in English and Comparative Literature and Talmud, and is originally from White Plains, NY. Michael can be reached at mnw2104@columbia.edu.

Eric Wirtschafter (Copy Editor) majors in Neuroscience & Behavior and is a senior in Columbia College. He is from Los Angeles, California, and considers his work for The Current to be a welcome diversion from his seemingly endless slew of science courses. Eric can be reached at edw2107@columbia.edu.

Tamar Schiff (Design Editor) is a sophomore Barnard student probably majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior. She is from Texas. Tamar can be reached at ts2372@barnard.edu.

Daniel Brujis (Photo Editor) was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he lived until moving to Washington, D.C. at the age of 13. He is in the class of 2009 at Columbia’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and is very interested in photography and the technical aspects of layout design. He is majoring in Operations Research with a concentration in Financial Engineering and minoring in Economics. Daniel can be reached at db2302@columbia.edu.

Roee Hevrony (Publisher) is a senior General Studies student majoring in Political Science and Economics. Roee can be reached at rrh2107@columbia.edu.

Proud to be a Barnard senior, Adinah Katz (Publisher) is majoring in Economics and Mathematics and minoring in Yiddish. Her major contribution to The Current began in the fall of 2006 when she successfully co-initiated the journal's first advertising campaign. While she still calls Florida home, she loves going to school in New York. Adinah can be reached at ak2419@barnard.edu.