"Any suggestion that Mexicans are fundamentally different from Americans should be taken as racist on its face; America, after all, is a pluralistic society, and Mexico is hardly the alien civilization that some (really, just Samuel Huntington) would suggest."

-- David Plotz, Even Racist Europeans Are Right Sometimes

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Editorial Staff

Bari Weiss (Editor-in-Chief) is a junior majoring in Religion and History. In addition to editing The Current, she writes an opinion column for the Spectator. Having lost the will to dissent, she joined the Facebook a mere three days ago.
Dena Roth (Executive Editor) is a BC/JTS senior. She majors in European History and Talmud. She currently serves as the Academic Affairs Representative on the SGA Representative Council.
Aryeh Falk (Senior Editor) is a Columbia College junior majoring in economics and english. He resides in Riverdale.
Judith Heistein (Managing Editor) is a Barnard junior majoring in political science. She has previously served as a co-chair of Columbia Students for Israel.
Susanna Berger (Arts and Literary Editor) is a junior majoring in Philosophy and concentrating in Art History. She plays viola in the string quartet Cicero, which has performed at Weill Hall at Carnegie and in Steinway Hall and which is coached by Anahid Ajemian.
Eliav Bitan (Junior Editor) is a first-year Ecology student at Columbia College. He has a job researching wind energy for the Earth Institute.
Eliane Stampfer (Senior Copy Editor) is a first year student at Columbia College. She enjoys ceramics, knitting, and tearing apart other people's writing. Her birthday is June 24, and she likes socks.