"Any suggestion that Mexicans are fundamentally different from Americans should be taken as racist on its face; America, after all, is a pluralistic society, and Mexico is hardly the alien civilization that some (really, just Samuel Huntington) would suggest."

-- David Plotz, Even Racist Europeans Are Right Sometimes

The Current: December 2005

In this issue:

1968, Meet 2005
The Editors

It's Not Diversity, Stupid: The Case For Affirmative Action
Dena Roth

Paris Hilton, Ariel Levy, and Me: Flirting With Female Chauvinism
Blythe Sheldon

Even Racist Europeans Are Right Sometimes: Why The EU Should Be Cautious On Turkey
David Plotz

Current Q&A: Richard Taruskin
Susanna Berger

Arendt's Legacy Usurped: In Defense of the (Limited) Nation State
Mira Siegelberg

This Wall Can Talk
Ethan Pack

A Bloom That Never Fades
Review: Oscar Bluemner at the Whitney

Joyce Hau

Review: The Right War

Jeremy Pappas

Slaves Built This City
Review: The New York Historical Society

David Singerman

The Catharsis of Joan Didion
Review: The Year Of Magical Thinking

Ellen Langer

Please Ma'am May I Have Some More?
Review: Knowing The Enemy

Dov Friedman

Apocalypse Lost
Review: Paradise Now, Protocols of Zion

Chris Beam

The End of the World: Revenge of the Tool
Avi Zenilman

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