"If you feel the need to go out of your way to insist that Night is fact, not fiction, you already have lost the battle."

-- Marc Tracy, Night and Frey: The Politics of Oprah's Book Club

The Current: Spring 2006

In this issue:

Colorblind or Just Blind?
The Editors

From The Euphrates to the Hudson: Iraq War Veterans at Columbia
David Plotz

Night and Frey: The Politics of Oprah's Book Club
Marc Tracy

Lessons from the Palestine Solidarity Movement
Bari Weiss

Bipartisanship is Dead, but the Democrats Don't Know It
Dov Friedman

Academic Freedom: Why Students and Faculty May Never Agree
Jon Blitzer

  Friends Don't Let Friends Say "Althusserian Exegasis"
Jen Sypra

On the Road with BHL
Review: American Vertigo

David Singerman

Not Another Munich Rant
Review: Munich

Phil Fileri

Whose Holocaust?
Review: A Holocaust Controversy

Mira Siegelberg

Our Bodies, Our Selves
Review: Bodies: The Exhibition

AnnMarie Perl

The End of the World: An Alternative to I-Banking
Birk Oxholm

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