"Starting with this issue, The Current is Columbia University's first green publication. Our paper is 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified 50% of it comes from recycled sources, of which 25% is post-consumer waste. No chlorine or acids were used to bleach the paper or publish the journal. We are proud to be an environmentally responsible journal, and hope to work with other campus publications and the Department of Environmental Stewardship to accelerate green publishing at Columbia. "

-- The Editors, To Our Readers

The Current:
Spring 2007

Read about the Current's campaign urging Columbia to divest from Chevron.

In this issue:

To Our Readers

Letters to the Editor

From The Editors: The Sympathy Market
David Feith
Boroughing: Fairway's Fromagerie
Jen Spyra
Boroughing: Bar Fight?
Hannah Assadi
Boroughing: Fridays at Six
Sumaiya Ahmed
If I Forget Thee: Life in Kavalla 16
Max Levis
Mamdani's Darfur Lobby
Armin Rosen
National Identity, Intranational Argument
Shoshana Olidort
Current Q & A: Myron Kolatch
Reuven Garrett
Divided We Stand: Iranian Students and the Nuclear Dilemma
Sarah Morgan
Preventing Malaria: Net Gain or Net Loss?
Evan Daar
Death and Resurrection: The American Social Novel
Walker Rutter-Bowman
Weimar, Woman, War, and the Photographer
Joyce Hau
Damon Linker and the Religious Right
Andrew Flynn
Shakespeare, Eliot, and me
Hillary Busis
End of the World: The Manny Diaries
Birk Oxholm

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