Gaming for Change
The Editors
Finding Home in Exile: The Formation of an Israeli Identity in India
Amy Moskowitz
Letters to the Editor
Anti-Semitism, Redux?
Sandra Cariglio
Boroughing: Sinking in a Queens Cemetery
Taylor Napolitano
Screening Society: Eytan Fox Takes On Israel
Brandon Hammer
Boroughing: Getting There
Danielle Wiener-Bronner
The Contemporary Art Menagerie
Emily Steinberger
Boroughing: Carry-On Luggage to Wonderland
Sophia Merkin
The New Humanitarianism
Review: Chasing the Flame
Sara Arrow
The Beloved Country: Minority Politics and South African Jewry
Daniel Greenberg
Off the Shelf: The Moral Life as Taboo?
Andrew Flynn
Human Rights Makes its Bid at the Global University
Jon Cioschi
The End of the World:
The Last Temptation of Kant

Philip Petrov

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