Forgetting Jerusalem: Columbia’s Hillel Disengages from Zionism
Jordan C. Hirsch, Editor-in-Chief
The End of Classical Zionism
Avi Herring
Letters to the Editor
A Bullet Goes Astray
Armin Rosen
Boroughing: In Search of Richmond Town
Nick Serpe
Intellectualism Makes its Comeback?
William Lane
Boroughing: Metropolis in Motion
Danielle Weiner-Bronner
A Monstrous New World
Aaron Scheffler
Far Flung:
Reluctant Messiah
Richard Prins
Why American Jews Love to Jam
Simeon Cohen
Gunning for Citizenship
Learned Foote
The End of the World:
A Pynchon Party Cruise Conference

Armin Rosen and Sam Kerbel
State of Inequality: The Myth of Jewish–Arab Coexistence in Acco
Leo Goldberg

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