executive board

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community advisory board

CWBS Community Advisory Board is a new initiative this year that focuses on creating new connections and fostering a support network among over 3,000 general body members. From pre-professional development workshops to social events to internal buddy programs, the Community Advisory Board works with other women-interest clubs and spaces on campus to strengthen not just the CWBS community but the Columbia Women community as a whole.

Roni Segal - Vice Chair
Jocelyn Cheng - Barnard Representative, Technology Chair
Daphne Lebas - Sciences Po Program Representative
Caroline Chen - CC Representative
Zia Osman - CC Representative
Amanda Price - CC Representative
Katie Wang - CC Representative
Sarah Andre - GS Representative
Stacy Bernt - GS Representative
Anna Vladymyrska - GS Representative
Sara Zhu - GS Representative

marketing committee

Lauren Crane * Sybil Fares * Ilise Martel * Laura McMullin * Melanie Pfetsch * Ellie Tsaltskan * Leslie Tutovic * Eileen Wang * Julia Wang * Doris Xu * Estella Zhao

conference committee

Shyamolie Biyani * Theodora Davis * Carla Dibbs * Carolyn Ho * Rosalie Froom * Oni Kibblewhite * Michele Lin * Ilise Martel * Eleanor Murguia * Shivani Pandiri * Francesca Polycarpe * Avanti Shroff * Michelle Zhou * Margaret Zhu

social media committee

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