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March 9, 2005

Dear Columbia Students,

Last spring the entire student body of Columbia University had the opportunity to vote on possible design modifications to the Columbia diplomas. At the end of the 2003-4 academic year, the University Senate endorsed a resolution that the Trustees consider design changes. The report, as well as the poll's results, may be seen here. The designs can no longer be seen online. Copies of the proposed designs were submitted to the Columbia University Archives (Columbiana) in Low Library. The archives information can be found here.

Although we are still optimistic that a new diploma design will be approved, that process has taken longer than we had expected. Therefore, we regret to announce that the May 2005 graduating class will receive the existing diploma design. We will continue to advocate for the new design, if approved, to be available to the 2005 graduates at a later date.

Columbia University Senate's Student Affairs Committee

The winning design in the diploma vote is design "C", also known as the "Old English" design, with the etching of Alma Mater.

Additionally, a majority of students voted in favor of creating a distinctive design for doctoral students.

6,045 students participated in the vote. For the full statistical report, please click here.

For the report of comments and suggestions sent to the task-fore during the poll, please click here.

The results of the poll will be presented to the administration for its consideration.

Thank you for participating.

The Diploma Task Force
Columbia University Senate - Student Affairs Committee

The diploma redesign project is an initiative of the Student Affairs Committee of the University Senate. For more information, click here. Any questions? Please email diploma@columbia.edu.