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April 2014: See "From the Field" Section to follow E3B Students...


Kevin Olival, alum of the E3B Ph.D. program, and E3B affiliate through the EcoHealthAlliance has just co-authored a paper in the journal Viruses. Entitled, "Filoviruses in Bats: Current Knowledge and Future Directions" the article is timely given the ongoing Ebola virus outbreak in Guinea. Please follow the link

E3B Lecturer and Post-Bacc Program Advisor Elisa Bone was recently awarded a grant with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the N.Y./N.J. Harbor Estuary program to examine the habitat quality of urban shorelines in the New York-New Jersey Harbor Estuary, collaborating with the Urban Assembly New York Harbor School and researchers from the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and Stony Brook University. Congratulations!

E3B Lecturer and M.A. Program advisor Josh Drew is co-author of an article about the role of Twitter in science publishing. The article has been selected as a Top 20 article published in the journal PeerJ for 2013. Please follow the link HERE.

Ruth DeFries, Chair of E3B and Denning Family Professor of Sustainable Development, delivered the keynote address at an international workshop on ‘Land use optimisation for coordinating regional development with the conservation of endangered species’ in Puducherry, India (Dec. 16th). The amount of land under protection has increased steadily since the 1980s. “The main focus now is to ensure that the areas that come under protection are effectively managed, so that the protection itself is successful.” Please CLICK HERE to see coverage in The Hindu.

E3B Professors Ruth DeFries and Kevin Griffin recently taught a class - Ecological and Social Systems for Sustainable Development. They challenged their students to prepare a “sustainable” meal. Click here to see how things turned out!

E3B Ph.D candidate Francine Kershaw, and E3B Adjunct Faculty member Howard Rosenbaum have just published an article in the Journal of Heredity (30 Sept 2013) entitled: "Population differentiation of 2 forms of Bryde's whales in the Indian and Pacific Oceans". The article, accessed here uses DNA barcoding and population genetic analyses to identify two subspecies of Bryde's whale across the study region and formulate management recommendations for each. The paper is featured on the cover of the print issue of the Journal of Heredity.

E3B Professor Marina Cords is co-author on a recent paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. Reproductive aging patterns in primates reveal that humans are distinct. You can link to the paper here and to some press coverage of the paper here

The Council of the Association of American Geographers has appointed E3B Postdoctoral Research Scientist Giovani Graziosi to the International Research and Scholarly Exchange Committee for a period of 3 years, 2013-16. The formal charge of this advisory committee is to encourage participation of geographers in interdisciplinary conferences and in meetings dealing with international issues.

E3B Professor and Earth Institute Director Shahid Naeem is blogging on his recent experiences in the Arctic, please see the link here

E3B lecturer, Elisa Bone has published a paper in the International Journal of the First Year in Higher Education, entitled "First course at university: Assessing the impact of student age, nationality and learning style". This paper, written with Elisa's colleague Rob Reid, examines student performance in a large introductory Biology course at the University of Adelaide, Australia, and considered the influence of several factors including student learning styles and nationality. Please see link here

A new undergraduate journal of biological anthropology, Sapient, is now available online. Jill Shapiro, E3B Senior Lecturer and Major Advisor for Studies in Evolutionary Biology of the Human Species in E3B has been working with the students. Please click HERE to link to the journal

Ruth DeFries, Chair of E3B, and colleagues, including Maria Uriarte, E3B Professor and DGS, Marcia Macedo, E3B Alum, have work featured in The Phil Trans B issue on 'Ecology, economy, and management of an agro-industrial frontier landscape in the southeast Amazon' (April 2013). Please click here AND HERE.

Ruth DeFries and Maria Uriarte are two of the authors on a paper selected by Nature Geoscience as one of their "ten favourite papers" in a web focus that celebrates the fifth anniversary of the journal linked here "Deforestation driven by urban population growth and agricultural trade in the twenty-first century" by Ruth S. DeFries, Thomas Rudel, Maria Uriarte & Matthew Hansen


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