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Joshua Drew

Title Lecturer and MAPA
Affiliation/Department E3B
Telephone 212-854-7807 
Professional degree Ph.D.
Research Description Dr. Drew has diverse interests focusing on the processes
generating marine biodiversity and how understanding
those processes can be used to generate more effective
conservation programs. He has an active field component
with recent sampling conducted in Fiji, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu. .
Representative Publications

Drew, J.A. and Kaufman, L. (2012) Functional endemism: population connectivity, shifting baselines, and the scale of human experience. Ecology and Evolution (In Press)
Drew, J.A. and Barber, P.H. (2012) Comparative phylogeography in Fijian coral reef fishes: A multi-taxa approach towards marine reserve design. PLOS One 7(10) e47710 Link
Drew, J.A., Holmes, D.*, Mandecki, J., McCord, C., Mungkaje, A,. Richardson, A.*, and Westneat, M. (2012) Biogeography and Conservation of shorefishes in Papua Link here
Biodiversity inventories and conservation of the marine fishes of Bootless Bay, Papua New Guinea with a preliminary checklist of the marine fishes of Bootless Bay, Central Province, Papua New Guinea. BMC Ecology 12:15. HIGHLY ACCESSED link Allen, G.R. and Drew, J. (2012) Pomacentrus maafu a new species of damselfish from the Southwest Pacific. Aqua: International Journal of Ichthyology 18(3) 171-180. link