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Charles Peters

Title Adjunct Professor
Affiliation/Department Kate E. Tode Curator of Botany, Institute of Economic Botany, The New York Botanical Garden
Telephone: (718) 817-8727
Professional degree Ph.D., Plant Ecology, Yale University, 1986
Research Keywords plant ecology; ethnobotany ; bioeconomics
Research Description Charles Peters studies the ecology and economics of promising tropical forest resources in Amazonia and Borneo, to uncover their regenerative capabilities, productivity, market value, and their potential for sustainable exploitation and management. For instance, he spent a few years collecting and documenting the distribution, fruiting phenology, and use of over 100 different forest fruit trees in Peru. During these studies, Dr. Peters noticed that some of the species occurring naturally were more productive than those existing on many plantations. In another study, he discovered that sustainable forest exploitation could actually yield higher net revenues than more destructive forms of land-use such as logging or conversion to cattle pastures. Dr. Peters is currently undertaking research on the ecology and management of non-timber forest products, traditional silviculture, and the sustainable management of community forests in West Kalimantan, Indonesia.
Representative Publications: Peters, C.M., 1994. Sustainable Harvest of Non-timber Plant Resources in Tropical Moist Forest: An Ecological Primer. Biodiversity Support Program, Washington.

Peters, C.M., 1992. The ecology and economics of oligarchic Amazonian forests. Advances in Economic Botany. 9:15-22.

Peters, C.M., 1990. Plant Demography and the management of tropical forest resources: a case study of Brosimum alicasturm in Mexico. In: A. Gomez-Pompa, T.C. Whitmore, and M. Hadley (eds.), Man and the Biosphere Series, Vol. 6. UNESCO Press and Parthenon Publishing Group.

Peters, C.M., A. Gentry, and R. Mendelsohn, 1989. Valuation of a tropical forest in Peruvian Amazonia. Nature. 339:655-657.

Peters, C.M., M.J. Balick, F. Kahn, and A. Anderson, 1989. Oligarchic forests of economic plants in Amazonia: Utilization and conservation of an important tropical forest resource. Conservation Biology. 3:341-349.

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