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Christopher John Raxworthy

Title Adjunct Professor
Affiliation/Department Curator-in-Charge and Associate Curator, Department of Herpetology, American Museum of Natural History
Telephone: (212) 769-5802
Professional degree Ph.D. Biology, 1989, The Open University, Milton Keynes, England
Research Keywords systematics, biogeography, ecology, ethology, and conservation biology
Research Description

My current major research focus involves the integration of ecological niche distribution modeling with systematic research, concerning the evolutionary history of species radiations of amphibians and reptiles in Madagascar.

Representative Publications

Andreone, F., Cadle, J.A., Cox, N., Glaw, F., Nussbaum, R.A., Raxworthy, C.J., Stuart, S.N., Vallan, D. and Vences, M. (in press). A Species Review of Amphibian Extinction Risks in Madagascar: Conclusions from the Global Amphibian Assessment Program. Conservation Biology.

Raxworthy, C.J., Martinez-Meyer, E., Horning, N., Nussbaum, R.A., Schneider, G.E., Ortega-Huerta, A., and Peterson, A.T. (2003). Predicting distributions of known and unknown reptiles species in Madagascar. Nature. 426: 837-841.

Raxworthy, C.J. Introduction to the Reptiles (2003). In: The Natural History of Madagascar (Goodman, S.M. and Benstead, J.P. eds.), pp. 934-949. Chicago Press, Chicago.

Andreone, F., Glaw, F., Nussbaum, R. A., Randrianirina, J. E., Raxworthy C. J. and Vences, M (2003). Diversity and conservation of amphibians and reptiles on offshore islands: the case study of Nosy Be and nearby islets (NW Madagascar). Journal of Natural History 37 (17): 2119-2149.

Vences, M., Raxworthy C. J., Glaw, F., Andreone, F., Nussbaum, R. A (2003). A revision of the Scaphiophryne marmorata complex of marbled toads (Amphibia: Microhylidae) from Madagascar, including the description of a new species. Herpetological Journal 13 (2): 69-80.

Vences, M., Raxworthy C. J., Nussbaum, R. A., and Glaw, F. (2003). A new microhylid frog (Plethodontohyla) from Madagascar, with semi-arboreal habits and possible parental care. Journal of Herpetology 37: 629-636.

Raxworthy, C.J., Forstner, M.R.J. and Nussbaum, R.A. (2002). Chameleon radiation by oceanic dispersal. Nature. 415, 784-787.


EEEB 4790 Biotic Surveys and Inventories (2002)
EEEB 4789 Biogeography (1997-98)