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Kent H. Redford

Title Adjunct Professor
Affiliation/Department Director for Biodiversity Analysis and Coordination, Wildlife Conservation Society
Telephone: (718) 220-5889
Professional degree Ph.D., Biology, Harvard University, 1987
Research Keywords conservation biology; mammalogy
Research Description Kent H. Redford has interests ranging from mammalian biology to traditional peoples and biodiversity conservation. His earlier work concentrated on South American Mammals with emphasis on anteaters and armadillos, and zoogeographic patterns. From this he became interested in the study of subsistence hunting and the impacts this hunting had on the conservation of game species in particular, and biodiversity in general. This work has been expanded to look at the role of parks in protecting biodiversity and the relationships between traditional peoples, resource harvesting and biodiversity conservation. Through his work with NGOs he has also become interested in the role that these organizations play in the conservation field worldwide.
Representative Publications:

J.G. Robinson and K.H. Redford. (eds.) 1991. Neotropical Wildlife Use and Conservation. University of Chicago Press.

K.H. Redford and J.F. Eisenberg. 1992. Mammals of the Neotropics. vol. II. The Southern Cone. University of Chicago Press.

K.H. Redford. 1992. The empty forest. Bioscience 42: 412-422.

K.H. Redford and A.M. Stearman. 1993. Biodiversity conservation and forest-dwelling native Amazonians: Agendas in common or agendas in collision. Conservation Biology 7:248-255.

K. Brandon, K.H. Redford and S.E. Sanderson (eds.). in press. Parks in Peril. Politics, People and Biodiversity Conservation. Island Press.

Future Research TBA
Other Areas of Interest TBA