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  Core Faculty

  Adjuncts &   Affliated Faculty


  Columbia Core Faculty

   E3B core faculty are based at Columbia and do the majority of the advising and teaching.

   Click on the faculty name for complete information.
Marina Cords Professor mc51@columbia.edu 212-854-7337
Ruth DeFries Professor rd2402@columbia.edu TBA
Maria Diuk-Wasser Associate Professor mad2256@columbia.edu 212-854-3355
Joshua Drew Lecturer and MAPA jd2977@columbia.edu 212-854-7807
Adela Gondek Lecturer ajg2@columbia.edu
Kevin Griffin Professor and Chair griff@ldeo.columbia.edu 212-854-7566
Krista McGuire Assistant Professor km2683@columbia.edu 212-854-0440
Don Melnick Professor djm7@columbia.edu 212-854-8182
Duncan Menge Assistant Professor dm2972@columbia.edu 212-854-6889 
Shaena Montanari Post-doc/Lecturer sam2225@columbia.edu
Shahid Naeem Professor sn2121@columbia.edu 212-854-4499
Matthew Palmer

Senior Lecturer, DUS and Post-bacc advisor

mp2434@columbia.edu 212-854-4767
Dustin Rubenstein Associate Professor dr2497@columbia.edu 212-854-4881
Jill Shapiro

Senior Lecturer and EBHS Advisor

jss19@columbia.edu 212-854-5819
Maria Uriarte Professor and DGS mu2126@columbia.edu 212-854-1494

Adjuncts and Affiliated Faculty

E3B adjunct and affliated faculty are based in other Columbia departments or at consortium institutions, and can advise students and teach.

Ralph Holloway Columbia Anthropology rlh2@columbia.edu 212-854-4570
Walter Bock Columbia Biological Sciences wb4@columbia.edu 212-854-4487
Darcy Kelley Columbia Biological Sciences dbk3@columbia.edu 212-854-5108
Robert Pollack Columbia Biological Sciences pollack@columbia.edu 212-854-2409
Paul Olsen Columbia Earth & Environmental Sciences polsen@ldeo.columbia.edu 845-365-8491
Cheryl Palm Columbia's Earth Institute Agriculture and Food Security Center cpalm@iri.columbia.edu 845-680-4462
Pedro Sanchez Columbia's Earth Institute Agriculture and Food Security Center sanchez@iri.columbia.edu 845-365-8330
Hilary Callahan Barnard Biology hcallahan@barnard.edu 212-854-5405
Paul Hertz Barnard Biology phertz@barnard.edu 212-854-2151
Brian Morton Barnard Biology bmorton@barnard.edu 212-854-5454
Paige West Barnard Anthropology pwest@barnard.edu 212-854-5933
Miguel Pinedo-Vasquez EICES map57@columbia.edu 212-854-8178
William Schuster Center for Environmental Research & Conservation blackroc@ldeo.columbia.edu 212-854-8063
Dorothy Peteet Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory peteet@ldeo.columbia.edu 914-365-8420
Natalie Boelman Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory nboelman@ldeo.columbia.edu 845-365-8480
Steven Cohen SIPA Columbia sc32@columbia.edu 212-854-4445
George Amato American Museum of Natural History gamato@amnh.org 212-769-5736
Mary Blair American Museum of Natural History mblair1@amnh.org 212-313-7077
Daniel Brumbaugh American Museum of Natural History brumba@amnh.org 212-496-3494
James Carpenter American Museum of Natural History carpente@amnh.org 212-769-5611
Joel Cracraft American Museum of Natural History *Core E3B affiliate jlc@amnh.org 212-769-5633
Rob DeSalle American Museum of Natural History *Core E3B affiliate desalle@amnh.org 212-769-5670
Dave Grimaldi American Museum of Natural History grimaldi@amnh.org 212-769-5615
Eunsoo Kim American Museum of Natural History ekim1@amnh.org 212-769-5510
Susan Perkins American Museum of Natural History perkins@amnh.org 212-313-7646
Christopher Raxworthy American Museum of Natural History rax@amnh.org 212-769-5802
Mark Siddall American Museum of Natural History siddall@amnh.org 212-769-5638
Nancy Simmons American Museum of Natural History simmons@amnh.org 212-769-5483
Brian Smith American Museum of Natural History bsmith1@amnh.org 212-769-5777
John Sparks American Museum of Natural History jsparks@amnh.org 212-313-7791
Eleanor Sterling American Museum of Natural History *Core E3B affiliate sterling@amnh.org 212-769-5266
Melanie Stiassny American Museum of Natural History mljs@amnh.org 212-769-5796
Ward Wheeler American Museum of Natural History wheeler@amnh.org 212-769-5754
Michael Balick New York Botanical Garden mbalick@nybg.org 718-817-8763
Roy Halling New York Botanical Garden rhalling@nybg.org 718-817-8613
Charles Peters New York Botanical Garden cpeters@nybg.org 718-817-8727
Dennis Stevenson New York Botanical Garden dws@nybg.org 718-817-8632
Joshua Ginsberg Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies *Core E3B affiliate ginsbergj@caryinstitute.org 845-677-7600, ext. 105
Carter Ingram Wildlife Conservation Society cingram@wsc.org 718-741-8227
Martin Mendez Wildlife Conservation Society mmendez@wcs.org
Robert Rose Wildlife Conservation Society rrose@wcs.org
Howard Rosenbaum Wildlife Conservation Society *Core E3B affiliate hrosenbaum@wcs.org 718-220-5184
Eric Sanderson Wildlife Conservation Society esanderson@wcs.org 718-220-6825
Scott Silver Wildlife Conservation Society ssilver@wcs.org 718-271-3622
Patrick R. Thomas Wildlife Conservation Society pthomas@wcs.org 718-220-7111


Peter Daszak EcoHealth Alliance daszak@ecohealthalliance.org 845-365-8337
Parviez Hosseini EcoHealth Alliance hosseini@ecohealthalliance.org 212-380-4460
Andrew Huff EcoHealth Alliance huff@ecohealthalliance.org 212-380-4497
Kevin J. Olival EcoHealth Alliance olival@ecohealthalliance.org 212-380-4478
Melinda Rostal EcoHealth Alliance rostal@ecohealthalliance.org 212-380-4489


Michael T. Coe Woods Hole Research Center mtcoe@whrc.org 508-444-1536
Susan Elbin NYC Audubon selbin@nycaudubon.org
Note: * indicates a Core E3B affiliate who has recently been quite involved with E3B teaching, advising and/or service
Brian Boom (NYBG), Ian Harrison (AMNH), Robert Rockwell (AMNH) and William Wayt Thomas (NYBG)
have also expressed interest in working with students.