MAY XX - JUNE XX, 2013 (~20 days)

Students will arrive in Kenya on the morning of May XX (departing the US on the evening of May XX) and depart Kenya on the evening of June XX (arriving in the US on the afternoon of June XX).


All students will arrive (and leave) on the same flights to Kenya. You will arrive via an over-night flight to Nairobi, where Dustin will meet you at the airport. We will provide you with the specific flight numbers and dates in the Spring, and you will be responsible for booking and paying for your own flights.


You will need a valid passport to go on this trip.  If you are a US citizen and do not have a US passport or if it will expire before the end of the course, visit this website:  If you are traveling on a non-US passport, please let us know far in advance, as citizens of some nations require visas to enter Kenya.

All visitors to Kenya must purchase a $25 tourist visa. You can do this in advance by sending your passport to the Kenyan Embassy in Washington, DC.  As it may take some time to get your passport back, this is the best option if you have your passport in hand and can send it off before about March 1st.

You also need a research permit from the Kenyan government to stay at Mpala.  We arrange these research permits for the entire class, but we will need you to give us a hard-copy CV/resume along with three passport photos at least two months before we leave. We will remind you to do this at the appropriate time.



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Tropical Biology