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Ph.D. Frequntly Asked Questions

1.What is the application deadline?

The Ph.D. application deadline is December 1st. NO exceptions.

2. Can I apply for Spring Admission?

There is no Spring Admission for the Ph.D. program.

3. Is there a part-time option?

There is no part-time option for the Ph.D program.

4. What are the admission requirements?

Those who have been accepted have diverse backgrounds and qualifications. Please see the GSAS Bulletin for some information about admission requirements. The general GRE is required. The Biology Subject test is strongly recommended.

5. How competitive is the admissions process?

Admission is extremely competitive. In the past few years, less than 1 in 20 applicants was admitted. Of vital importance is contacting a potential dissertation advisor willing to mentor you through this program.

6. Should I visit?

Visiting Columbia is an excellent idea. It will give you a chance to see if you would like to come to school here, if you could thrive in a city like New York, and to meet faculty and other students to get their perspective. Before coming to visit, contact a potential advisor who can arrange to show you around. The Academic Department Administrator will also be able to help you contact students currently in the program and answer other questions you may have.

7. Can you tell me more about the policy aspect of the program?

What sets the Columbia program apart from many other graduate programs is the heavy emphasis on both science and policy. Students who are uninterested in the policy component of the Ph.D program should not be applying to Columbia, as all students are required to complete the Certificate in Environmental Policy which involves extensive coursework. The goal of the Ph.D program is to produce top-notch research scientists who can do policy when it is necessary, not policy makers who understand science. If your goal is to minimize the study of science in favor of more time doing policy work, then again, this is unlikely to be the Ph.D. program for you.

8. What type of fellowships or financial aid are available?

Ph.D. students are offered fellowships which cover five years (or four years with advanced standing) of tuition, Columbia Health Insurance and Health Fees, and a stipend.

9. Is there housing?

As part of the fellowship offer, Ph.D students are guaranteed housing as long as they apply on time.

10. What are Residence Units?

RUs are equivalent to full-time registration for a semester. Six RUs are required for the Ph.D. A student registered for RU is charged the full-time rate of tuition. Students on fellowship have their tuition paid through their award.

11. Can adjunct faculty be my advisor?

All faculty listed in the GSAS bulletin and on this web site can serve as advisors.

12. How many students are in the program?

Currently we have 31 students.

13. Do students have a teaching commitment?

All Ph.D. students are required to serve as teaching assistants for two to four semesters. This is a stipulation of the fellowship.

14. How long does it take to finish a graduate degree?

Ours is a full-time Ph.D. program. Students take about 5-6 years to complete their doctorates depending on whether they are admitted with advanced standing.