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Introduction to E3B's Postbaccalaureate Program

The Postbaccalaureate Program in Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology is designed for college graduates who did not major in environmental biology (or a related field) but who wish to pursue graduate training in the field. This program is offered in conjunction with the School of Continuing Education at Columbia University.

The curriculum is structured to provide the kind of academic experience that highly competitive graduate programs require of their students. In particular, the program develops competency in the core sciences related to environmental biology – chemistry, biology, earth sciences, statistics, and conservation biology. Students will also take two advanced classes in ecology, evolution, organismal biology, or environmental policy. The program is tailored to give motivated students the opportunity to make their applications highly competitive.

This program is primarily designed to be a part-time program, with students completing a certificate in four to eight terms (including summers). If started in the summer term, the program can be completed in three intensive terms (one calendar year) on a full-time or near full-time basis. All enrolled students receive individualized advising, including assistance with applications to graduate programs.

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