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M.A. Students 2013-2014

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Student UNI Research
Bray, Natalie nab2165 soil ecology, interaction between soil invertebrates, soil and plants
Collins, Andrew Steven asc2165 urban ecology, insect species distribution in urban environment
Dimech, Erin epd2134

zoo biology, effects of captivity on behavior/health and diet/gut flora

Eastwood, Erin ee2338

marine conservation, sustainable development, coral reef ecology

Fischer, Erica erf2136

animal conservation genetics

Gregory, Nichar ng2455 disease ecology
Haight, Christopher cah2206 estuaries, plants
Hofmeister, Natalie nrh2114 avian behavior and molecular ecology, conservation applications
Jaris, Hannah hkj2107 population genetics, biodiversity loss, communicating science effectively to the public
Kateman, Brian bk2460 animal behavior
Klavans, Alyssa ark2172 conservation education through exhibit design in museums, zoos, aquariums
Kriensky, Debra dlk2143 conservation
Liao, Wenying wl2456 nutrient cycling as affected by activities of plants and their associated organisms
Malone, Cynthia cam2300 tropical ecosystem conservation
McCargar, Molly mrm2219 marine conservation, marine ecology
McDermott, Amy agm2159 reef fish phylogenetics and reef connectivity
Orrick, Katherine kdo2110 effects of buffers in protected areas vs. local communities
Roth, Allison amr2264 primate sociality and cognition
Sigouin, Amanda as4232 conservation policy, biodiversity and ecosystem services
Stitt, Jess jms2377 biodiversity research, ecosystem functioning, community ecology
Wray, Amy aw2812 conservation medicine, disease ecology


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© Steffen Foerster
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