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M.A. Students 2015-2016

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Student UNI Research
Bruner, Sarah sgb2130 urban ecology
Budsock, Andrew ab3998 tropical forest ecology
Cannon, Brandi bcc2145 plants, conservation, restoration
Cronell, Sarah sc3993 conservation genetics
Cunnick, Heidi hc2605 Northeastern ecosystem: field, wood, freshwater
Diamant, Eleanor esd2132

behavioral ecology of birds

Flores, Wendy wf2212

conservation medicine

Gao, Lu lg2843 primate conservation
Gunther, Tricia tag2146 wildlife conservation, captive breeding, policy
Haba, Yuki yh2778 evolution of adaptive traits, behavior, social structure
Kateman, Brian bk2460 animal behavior
Kay, Samantha sck2158 disease ecology
Monier, Samantha sam2319 to be posted
Musher, Lukas lm3053 ornithology, biogeography, systematics
Musser, Grace gmm2162 birds, dinosaurs, biogeography
O'Brien, Maggie meo2158 genetics, GIS, behavior
Pekor, Adam ap3108 human-wildlife conflict
Pikus, Alyxandra aep2179 environmental change and behavior
Provost, Kaiya klp2143 phylogenetics, birds
Ramesh, Vijay vr2352 phylogeography of birds, applied conservation
Sardelis, Stephanie sas2367 marine mammal conservation
Ugbah, Nene nku2102 behavior, anthropogenic effects on behavior
Yee, Eric ey2229 plant ecology and evolution


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© Steffen Foerster
© Steffen Foerster