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Ph.D. Students 2014-2015

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Name UNI Research
Agarwala, Meghna ma2902 conservation and ecology of carnivores outside protected areas
Bachelot, Benedicte bmb2157 tropical agroforestry
Bytnerowicz, Thomas tb2583 plant ecology and nutrient cycling
Cattau, Megan mec2201 using geospatial tools to maximize biodiversity and ecosystem services
Cheng, Yi-Ru yc2975 animal behavior
Clark, Benjamin bdc2120 environmental impacts of agriculture
Coelho, Lais lac2208 biogeography in the Amazon, specifically in Savannas
Guindre-Parker, Sarah slg2154 costs of reproduction in cooperative breeding birds
Kershaw, Francine flk2107 cetacean population genetics, conservation and management policy
Mihnovets, Nicole (Alicia) amm2129 endangered marine species, ecosystem health, conservation medicine, international conservation
Muscarella, Robert rm2824 tropical forest dynamics, seed dispersal
Neelakantan, Amrita an2601 biodiversity valuations, human dominated landscapes
Prager, Case cmp2160 biodiversity and ecosystem function, human land use, ecosystem stability and ecosystem services
Quebbeman, Andrew awq2101 soil ecology
Rossi, Natalia nar2118 Conservation genetics and biogeography of the American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus)
Sanin, Camilo cs2888 avian ecology and evolutionary biology
Schwartz, Naomi nbs2127 land-use and anthropogenic effects on disturbance regimes
Takahashi, Maressa mqt2101 interface of behavioral ecology and conservation biology
Taylor, Benton bnt2111 ecosystem ecology, terrestrial element cycling
Thompson, Nicole nat2103 primate juvenile behavior, life history evolution
Tinsman, Jennifer (Crick) jc4055 to be added
Valencia, Vivian vv2188 improving agricultural practices
Weeks, Brian bcw2115 combining phylogenetic analyses with community ecology to better understand the niche relationships among species
Wood, Stephen saw2177 agroecology, ecosystem ecology, and sustainability science in sub-Saharan Africa
Wynn-Grant, Rae rjw2130 human-carnivore conflicts near protected areas

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