Craig John Starger

Entered Program in
Area of Interest
Coral reef ecology and conservation genetics
Coral Population Genetics: Investigating Gene Flow in the Indonesian Seas
Project Advisor

Andrew Baker


Publications / Presentations

McClanahan, T.R., J. Maina, C.J. Starger, P. Herron-Perez, E. Dusek. 2005. Detriments to post-bleaching recovery of corals. Coral Reefs24 (2): 230 - 246 .

Baker, A.C., C.J. Starger, T.R. McClanahan, P.W. Glynn. 2004. Corals' adaptive response to climate change. Nature. 430: 741.

McClanahan, T.R., E. Sala, P.A. Stickels, B.A. Cokos, A.C. Baker, C.J. Starger, S.H. Jones IV. 2003. Interaction between nutrients and herbivory in controlling algal communities and coral condition on Glover's Reef, Belize. Marine Ecology Progress Series. 261: 135-147.

Starger, C. J. and A. C. Baker. 2001. Molecular Surveys Reveal Unusual Symbiont Communities in Kenyan Reef-Building Corals. The American Museum of Natural History's 2001 Spring Symposium, Conservation Genetics in the Age of Genomics.

Baker, A C., C. J. Starger, T. R. McClanahan and P. W. Glynn. 2002. Symbiont Communities in Reef Corals Following the 1997-98 El Niño: Will Recovering Reefs Be More Resistant To A Subsequent Bleaching Event? Oral presentation (A.C. Baker) International Society for Reef Studies European Meeting. September, 2002. Cambridge, England.

Starger, C.J. 2003. Coral transplantation to fished and unfished reefs in Kenya. Oral presentation (C.J. Starger) The Explorer's Club of New York , Student Member Presentations.

McClanahan, T. R., J. Maina, C.J. Starger, P. Herron-Perez and E. Dusek. 2003. Coral transplantation to fished and unfished reefs in Kenya: the recovery potential of eurythermal corals. Oral presentation (C.J. Starger). Annual Meeting of the Society for Conservation Biology. July 1, 2003. Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A


Directed Research / Research Assistant
Wildlife Conservation Society
Dates: September - December 2000 (Volunteer), January - May 2001 (Graduate intern, Part-time employee), June 2001 - August 2002 (Full-time Research Assistant).
Supervisor: Andrew C. Baker, Ph.D.
Description: The molecular ecology of reef-building corals. Field techniques include collection and preservation of coral samples from coral reefs in Belize, C.A.; Key Largo, Florida; Bermuda and Panama. Laboratory techniques include DNA extraction, isolation and purification, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) amplification, and restriction fragment length polymorphism (RFLP) analysis.