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Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Biology

The Environmental Biology major provides students with a strong foundation in areas of organismal biology including evolution, systematics, ecology, population biology, behavior, and biodiversity conservation, as well as an exposure to social sciences such as economics and government. All majors complete an environmental biology research internship, that serves as the basis for the senior thesis. The major provides the solid academic grounding and necessary training to enter the rapidly evolving environmental work force or to pursue graduate studies.

While students intending to pursue graduate education are advised to undertake the Environmental Biology major, E3B also offers a concentration in Environmental Biology for students whose main academic focus is elsewhere (e.g. pre-law, economics, chemistry), but who wish to pursue some organized study in our field. The concentration includes fewer introductory and upper division courses, no internship, and no senior seminar.

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"During most of the three month internship I collected data for a metapopulation study, but I was also involved in a mammal censusing research project, a peccary study, and an environmental education program. Through this invaluable expenence, I learned and implemented several data collection techniques, worked with a dedicated team of biologists, became familiar with the Atlantic forests and its mammals, and viewed the many aspects of a foreign environmental non-governmental organization."

Summer Internship Student