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Elementary Chinese  (W-Sections)


A First Reader for Advanced Beginners (by Columbia staff, Columbia University Press 2003)

Course Objectives
Students in Elementary W Classes are expected to achieve the following by the end of the academic year:
  • Master the Chinese phonetic symbols (pinyin) with satisfactory pronunciation.
  • Be able to understand and use correctly grammar/structure learned in the course.
  • Be able to present personal narratives and discuss topics on Chinese culture introduced in the textbook in Chinese.
  • Be able to comprehend short reading passages with words learned in the course. 
  • Be able to read level appropriate reading materials with the help of a dictionary.
  • Be able to write short essays of 400-500 words in length.
  • Be able to write a summary of a level appropriate reading passage in Chinese.
Course Requirements
  1. Attendance: Attendance in class is counted in the calculation of your final grade. 
  2. Preparation: Each class requires preparation.  Routine preparation includes studying the new words, writing characters, reading the text and grammar notes.
  3. Homework:(1) Exercises in the sections of Getting the Main Ideas and Understanding Structure. (2) Exercises on grammar. (3) Compositions
  4. Class performance:Your discussion of your written exercises in small groups and general class discussions.  Active participation is expected.
  5. Tests: One written test will be given approximately for every two lessons.
  6. Dictations: Dictation will be given for every class session.
  7. Final exam: There will be an oral presentation and a written exam at the end of each semester.



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