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Intermediate Chinese  (W-Section)
Text Materials

A. Taiwan Today, Shou-Hsin Teng, Cheng & Tsui Publishing Company. Latest edition.

B. "Study Reference to Taiwan Today", C. P. Sobelman, published by FACCE
C. "Dictionary Exercise Book and Study Reference", C. P. Sobelman, published by FACCE
D. Audio recording, EALAC
Special Note
  • No drill sessions
  • Individual consultation with the instructor highly encouraged. Sign up sheet for consultation at 501 Kent Hall. 30 minutes per session.
Course Requirements
  • Attendance: Attendance in class is counted in the calculation of your final grade. 
  • Preparation: Each class requires preparation.  Routine preparation includes studying the new words, writing characters, reading the text and grammar notes.
  • Regular homework consists of Writing exercises and Dictionary exercises. Due date is on Monday or the first day of school of the following week. 
    • Writing Exercise must be written on special grid paper, sample of which is      provided by the instructor. Each writing exercise is to be one page long minimum
    • Dictionary Exercise: Exercise sheets will be provide
    • Daily homework: As dictated by course progress. They are related to vocabulary studies, grammatical works and comprehension. The due date for daily homework is the next session. 
  • Tests: There will be 3 test and 1 Final Exam.

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