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Advanced Chinese  (N-Sections)

Course Description

This course is designed to help studentswho have studied at least two years of Chinese at the college level (or theequivalent) to achieve greater proficiency in the oral and written use of thelanguage. In order to enable students to have a dynamic viewpoint about Chinaand Chinese, the subject matters involved include many key issues that China isfaced with, for instance, how to protect historic sites while improve localpeople's living situation, how to mix traditional culture and foreign culture,how to help underdeveloped regions improve their education level, etc. Sincemost of the participants of this class are college students, this class alsointroduces a number of hot topics about Chinese college students and theirlives. All of the materials came from Chinese newspapers or movie scripts, andthe purpose of doing so is to help students make a smooth transition betweencolloquial Chinese and writing Chinese. Reading and writing are routine tasks; discussiondebate and presentation are important components of the class, allowingstudents to have maximum opportunity to put their newly learned Chinese intopractice.



  • Main Text:  感受中国 (available to be purchased from instructors)

 Course Requirements

1.      Attendance:  Active class participation is vital for successful completion of this course.  Any student missing four class periods without legitimate documentation will have a half grade point deducted from the student¡¯s final grade.  This policy is in accordance with program regulations. 

(See http://www.columbia.edu/cu/ealac/chinese/frontpage.html)


2.      Routine Preparations for Class: Each class requires preparation.  Students are required to preview vocabulary and text, listen to online audio materials, read grammar notes, and do exercises and supplementary readings according to the syllabus.


3.      Class Participation and Performance: Class participation is extremely important. Students are expected to contribute daily to all class activities.  Class performance grade will be based on participation in paired and group activities, interaction with fellow classmates and contribution to class discussion. 


4.      Oral Sessions: Unless exempted by the instructor, you are expected to attend the weekly oral sessions with a TA. There will be a mid-term and a final oral exam for all the students of the class.


5.      Homework Assignments: Punctual completion of assignments is required.  No late assignments will be accepted.  Written homework will often consist of exercises on word usage, sentence patterns and reading comprehension.  Students will also write at least three formal compositions, which will increase in complexity and length as the semester progresses.


6.      Quizzes, Tests and Final Exams: There will be vocabulary quizzes in each lesson, four unit tests, a mid-term oral exam and a final oral and written exam. 



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