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Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese (N)

Teaching Materials
  • Essays and short stories written by contemporary Chinese and Taiwanese writers.
  • Newspaper reports
  • Broadcast news
  • TV dramas

Course Objectives

This course aims at enhancing students' reading, speaking, and writing skills through a wide range of reading materials of different genres and styles.  It also provides students with strategies to increase their comprehension of Chinese news broadcasts.

  1. Understand news broadcasts on topics including politics, finance and the economy, disasters, and so on.
  2. Understand the main ideas of most semi-formal speech
  1. Employ common four-character idioms in their speech. 
  2. Paraphrase or explain difficult sentences in Chinese. 
  3. Sustain conversations on various topics of general interest with fluency, accuracy, and approporateness.
  4. Support opinions using native-like discourse strategies.
  1. Understand characteristics of different styles of writing.
  2. Understand the main points of essays that contain unfamiliar expressions and complex structures.
  1. Write cohesive simple summaries.
  2. Write essays describing people or places using sophisticated expressions.
  3. Write essays narrating events using sophisticated expression and proper connectives.
  4. write essays developing opinions in a well-organized manner.
Course Requirements
  • regular and punctual attendance
  • active participation in class
  • weekly writing assignment based on materials covered in class
  • midterm essay
  • oral presentations
  • written and oral exams



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