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(new!) The 15th IACL & the 19th NACL joint Conference (2007)


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Lodging Information IACL-15 and NACCL-19


Dear Participants:

The most challenging part in organizing a large conference in New York City is to find reasonable lodging. We thought we may use Columbia’s student dorms to accommodate many of our participants. Unfortunately, we were informed not long ago that the dorms will undergo renovation and won’t be available to our participants. Since then, we have been trying hard to locate inexpensive rooms, with limited success. The followings are what we have found.

Part I

  1. Teachers College, North Campus, Columbia University

Phone: 212-678-8404
Address: 121 street & Amsterdam
Contact person: Amy Rotenberg
Note: 50-70 rooms, all single, $100-$130/night. Your arrival and departure dates have to fall on business days, namely you must stay through May 28. Good for people who want to stay on Columbia’s campus and wish to have one more day in New York after the conference. Please contact the office individually and complete your application. Deposit is required.

  1. Teachers College, Columbia University

Phone: 212-678-3235
Address: 525 West 120th Street, Box 312, New York, NY 10027
Note: 4 rooms, $115/night, May 24-28.
Again, you have to stay through May 28. Good for people who want to stay on Columbia’s campus and wish to have one more day in New York after the conference.
Guests must call to reserve one of the rooms that are currently reserved. They are 6261, 6263, 6264, and 6265. Please give your own credit card information to replace ours when you contact the office and pay upon your arrival.

  1. King’s Crown

Phone: 212-854-9345
Address: 116 West Street and Amsterdam Ave
Contact person: Evelyn
Email: em56@columbia.edu
     Note:       May 23-27         2 singles $40-50/night
May 23-27         2 doubles $40-50/night (have to be reserved jointly
      by two guests)
Guests must contact Evelyn and tell them they want to reserve one of the rooms for the EALAC/IACL-15 Conference. These are really inexpensive rooms, good for graduate students or  

  1. On the Avenue

Phone: 212-651-3314
Address: 2178 Broadway at 77th Street
Contact person: Gleny
Email: gleny@citylifehotels.com
10 rooms, all double, $279/night
Note: Since these are doubles, if you want to share, you will need to reserve the rooms jointly or be notified that each room holds 2 people.  Reservations can be made under IACL-15.

  1. Others

As organizer, this is our last option. The following hotels are located in Newark, New Jersey. They are four-star or two-star hotels. It is impossible to have such rooms in Manhattan at the price these hotels are asking for. The downside is that they are relatively distant. It is not convenient for people who wish to explore NYC’s night life. But we will provide bus service from the hotels to Columbia University. Since our conference will be mostly held in weekend, the transportation will not be too bad. These rooms are particularly good for people who fly in and out of Newark International Airport.

a. Hilton Hotel at Newark Airport       www.hilton.com
                                                           Tel: 1800 hiltons
b. Double Tree Hotel                          Tel: 908-436-4600

30 rooms, all double, $120/night

c. Country Inn & Suite                        Tel: 908-282-0020
d. Fairfield Marriott Hotel                   Tel: 973-242-2600

30 rooms, all double, $90/night

If you like one of the rooms listed above, please take action to reserve
it quickly.  

 If you wish to search for rooms yourself, here are some leads:

  1. www.craigslist.com
  2. The Village Voice www.villagevoice.com/classified
  3. The New York Times www.nytimes.com

Agencies for short and long-term

  1. www.roommatefinders.com, Tel: 212.489.6918, charges $300
  2. www.roommates.com
  3. www.roommateclick.com
  4. www.roommateexpress.com Tel. 212.977.4241
  5. www.maisonintl.com Tel: 212.462.4766
  6. www.nyhabitat.com Tel: 212.255.8018

Christophe Pourquier, New York Habitat, Tel: (212) 255-6147 ext.121,
Fax: (646) 349-4098, Email: christophe.pourquier@nyhabitat.com
 - www.transworldroommates.com Tel :212.243.6999

  1. www.new-york-apartment.com Tel. 212.689-6606 (Urban living)
  2. www.nomorehotels.com
  3. www.urbanventures.com
  4. www.subletinthecity.com
  5. www.UrbanLegendNY.com
  6. www.bnbny.com

Budget Hotels (from $89 a week)

  1. General http://new-york.discounts-at-hotels.com
  2. Or www.budgethotels.com
  3. La Semana Hotel www.lasemananyc.com Tel: 212.675.3830
  4. Edison Hotel (Times Square)
  5. Herald Square Hotel (Penn Station) www.hearaldsquarehotel.com
  6. The Leo House 332 W 23rd St, 212.929.1010
  7. Hostelling International New York, 891 Amsterdam Ave @ 103 St, 212.932.2300 (run by Europeans)

Hotels, a bit more expensive ($80-130 a night)

  1. Gerswhin Hotel, 7 East 27th St., 212.545.8000 (Swiss owner)
  2. Larchmont Hotel, 27 West 11th St, NY NY 10011, 212.989.9333, www.larchmonthotel.citysearch.com
  3. Washington Square Hotel, 103 Waverly Place, NY NY 10011, 212.777.9515, www.vyp.com/washington_square
  4. Chelsea Savoy, 212.929.9353 $195+tax double, 204 West 23rd @ 7th Avenue
  5. Off Soho Suites (w/kitchen), 11 Rivington St, NY NY 10002, 212.979.9808 http://offsoho.com
  6. Portland Square Hotel, 132 W 47th Street, NY NY 10036, 212.382.0600
  7. Seton Hotel, 144 East 40th St, 212.889.5301
  8. Hotel Seventeen, 225 E 17th St (2 & 3 Ave), NY, 10003, Tel (212) 475-2845

Bed and Breakfast Agencies (monthly)

  1. www.homez.com
  2. City Lights: 212-737-7049
  3. At Home in New York, Inc.: 212-956-3125
  4. New World Bed and Breakfast: 212-675-5600
  5. Times Square B&B (Manhattan only)  timesquarebnb@aol.com

To list available housing

Hotels in Manhattan (pdf)


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