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Friends of the Center

From the time of its foundation in 1986, the Donald Keene Center has sought to foster intellectual and cultural exchange between Japan and the United States; provide venues for symposia, lectures, and demonstrations that will raise public awareness of Japanese intellectual and cultural products; and encourage the academic and professional development of academics—both students and faculty—working in this area. Accordingly, the Center has long endeavored to make its programs free to both Columbia University affiliates and the general public. Although the Center has benefited greatly from the generosity of numerous corporate donors and individuals of means and vision, recent trends in corporate philanthropy, both in the U.S. and Japan, have made it necessary for the Center's professional staff to devote an increasing amount of time to fundraising activities.

If you have benefited from the Center's activities—as a scholarship recipient, as a student whose academic course work has been enriched by a lecture or demonstration sponsored by the Keene Center, or as an unaffiliated but interested individual who has attended one of our film series or symposia—we hope that you will consider becoming a Friend or Patron of the Donald Keene Center.

Join us!

$1000 and above (one year)
Become a Friend of the Keene Center.
An annual event for Friends and Patrons of the Keene Center is held in New York and/or Tokyo.

$20,000 and above
Become a Lifetime Patron of the Keene Center.

$250,000 and above
Endow a program at the Keene Center.

Miscellaneous donations of $50 and above are also welcome.

Donald Keene Center Supporters


Orient Corporation — Orient Corporation Fellowships and General Support

Shinchosha Publishing — Shincho Fellowships and the Shincho Professorship

Urasenke Foundation — Soshitsu Sen XV Distinguished Lectures and General Support


Consulate-General of Japan in New York — "Pokemania" Progr am, 2000

Hitotsubashi Sogo Zaidan — General Support, 1996-2000

Itoh Foundation, U.S.A. — Itoh Foundation Fellowships and General Support

Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of New York, Inc. — Architecture and Modern Japan Conference, 2000

Japan Foundation — Architecture and Modern Japan Conference, 2000; Japanese Film Masters Series, 1997

Japan-United States Friendship Commission — Continuing Support of the Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission Literary Translation Prizes

The Lewis Foundation — "Kurosawa Remembered" Film Series, 1999

Nippon Music Foundation — Tokyo String Quartet Benefit Concert for the Donald Keene Center, 1999

The Pinewood Foundation — General Support, 1996-2000

Saison Corporation — Abe Kobo Commemoration, 1996

Swain Sports International — Ueshiba Kisshomaru Memorial Lecture and Demonstration, 1999

United States-Japan Foundation — Donald Keene Center Visiting Fellows Program, 2000-2003



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