A Network of Shinto Scholars in the West

The Institute for Medieval Japanese Studies

an informal workshop on

Toward a Re-examination of
University Curricula and Future Research Directions

Columbia University, New York City
March 5-6, 1998

The keynote address on the evening of March 5th was an illustrated lecture (in Japanese) by the Director of the Kanagawa Kenritsu Kanazawa Bunko Museum, Professor MANABE Shunsho on the subject of "Kanazawa Bunko no Mikkyo to Chusei Shinto Shiryo."

The following day was devoted to discussions and roundtables (in English) on the State of the Field in the United Kingdom, the European Continent, and the United States, and on issues related to the disciplines of history, economics, art history, performance, and audio-visuals. The political and financial problem of doing research on aspects of pre-modern and modern kami worship and strategies for future projects and then funding were examined.

We are building an email network of scholars with an interest in Shinto Studies in Western Universities and we begin here with the names of those who participated in our first workshop. We will be happy to add the names of faculty and graduate students who wish to join the network. To be added please send us your name, address, phone, fax, email, your affiliation, and the special area of your interest.