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KATAKANA reading practice

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Here are pages from a pamphlet of travel package plans by a travel agency in Japan(2002.06-2002.9) 
As these are for travelers, they talk about itineray, points of interests and whatever in pertinent to travelling. 
Use all the cues there might be in the pictures. 

    Click the images to enlarge it in a new window. 
    Find words in Katakana(AT LEAST 20: the more, the better). 
    Make a list of those Katakana words and English counterpart.

If you can't click the photo file open, use the following links.
 Page 1
 Page 2
 Page 3
 Page 4

Nihon Ryokou

While you are at it, get some travel info.

tour to NY brochure

Page 1
page 1
Page 2
page 2
Page 3
page 3
Page 4

page 4




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