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In honor of Ichiro Shirato, one of Columbia’s finest teachers of Japanese, the Donald Keene Center of Japanese Culture established in the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures an endowed fund bearing his name. The Shirato Fund provides supplemental support for Japanese language study and teaching. For 2013-2014 the Shirato Fund provides fellowships for the study of the Japanese language during the summer of 2014. We are deeply grateful for specific support to maintain and grow the Shirato Fund.

For donation inquiries, please contact: Fumiko Nazikian
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コロンビア大学きっての優れた日本語教育者であった故白戸一郎先生を記念し、ドナルド・キーン日本文化センターは白戸一郎日本語学習基金を設けています。この基金の運用益はコロンビア大学における日本語教育のために利用されています。 2013-2014年は、夏期語学留学のための奨学金を提供します。さらに活動の幅を広げていくため、皆様からのご協力をよろしくお願い致します。

TEL: 212-854-8345

Dear Students,

The Shirato Fund Scholarships will provide two $2,000 scholarships to undergraduates and graduate students accepted to Columbia-approved intensive Japanese-language study programs for the summer of 2014. Please note that awardees will be required to take a Japanese course upon their return to Columbia in the fall (2014); to submit a short report on your use of the scholarship; and to give a presentation at the study abroad information session about the language program in which you participate.

Application is due March 10, 2014. Flyer is here.

Winners of Shirato Fund Scholarships
2012-2013 Maxim Korolkov(マキシム・コロリコフ) Alexander Scott Murphy(アレクサンダー・スコット・マーフィー)
2011-2012 Jakob Horngren(ヤコブ・ハーンゲリアム) Rebecca Schleomann(ベッキー・シュローマン) Laurent Mazouer(ロラン・マズエール)
2010-2011 Glenda Chao(グレンダ・チャオ)    
2009-2010 Samuel Walker(サミュエル・ウォーカー) Chao Ling(チャオ・リン)  
2008-2009 Yanli Chen (ヤンリー・チェン) Christine Kwon (クリスティン・クァン)   
2007-2008 Daven Farnham (ダベン・ファーナム) Andrei Dinu-Ionita (アンドレイ・ティヌヨニツァ)  


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