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:: Objectives
Prerequisite: Korean W1101-W1102 or the equivalent. (A minimum grade of B- at the end of the 1101-1102 academic year is required.)

1. To enable the student to be able to communicate with native speakers of the Korean language.

2. To provide a balanced program in reading, speaking, listening and writing as an integral whole. Teaching emphasis is on the further development of four abilities in the support of the students' primary objectives at the intermediate level.
Reading: Ability to read with immediate comprehension prose, and material of considerable difficulty, such as magazine articles, short stories, and newspaper articles.
Speaking: Ability to speak with a command of vocabulary and to express one's thoughts in sustained conversation. Writing: Ability to write a simple free composition (writing passages) with clarity and correctness in vocabulary and syntax. Listening: Ability to comprehend difficult expressions.

3. To be aware of the background, goals, interests and needs of the students and to work on the individual student's improvement.

4. To impart the student an understanding of Korean culture and heritage both for its own sake and in support of the aforementioned objectives.

5. Classroom activities are focused on providing students with the tools for communicative competence and conversational management to allow them to function and grow in their linguistic abilities beyond the termination of the structured program.

:: Class Hours (1201 & 1202) - Fall and Spring
Sec. 2
Sec. 2
Sec. 2
Sec. 2
Sec. 1(N)
Sec. 1(N)
Sec. 1(N)
Sec. 1(N)
:: Syllabus
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Sec. 2

:: Evaluation

1. It is based on attendance (including Lab attendance), homework, class participation & performance, all quizzes, exams, writing assignments.

2. Level of skill at which each student began the course and amount of progress each student makes are taken into consideration.

3. Being chronically late (more than 5 minutes) or unprepared will negatively influence your final grade.


Attendance and Performance 10 %
Vocabulary and Pattern Quiz 10 %
Chinese Characters Quiz 5 %
Composition and Homework 10 %
Oral Presentation and Web Listening Assignments 10 %
Bi-weekly Quiz 25 %
Midterm & Final 30 %


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