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:: Objectives

1. The objectives of Korean I, II, and III are to help the student attain proficiency in the four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing within three years of a college program and to present the Korean language within the context of the Korean culture.

2. In pursuing these goals, the main goal of the third-year Korean program is two-fold:
to increase the student's language proficiency, that is, one's ability to use Korean for communication; to build the student's fluency, that is, to the degree to which one can use Korean smoothly and confidently for self-expression.
In order to achieve this dual objective of building proficiency and fluency, it is necessary to consolidate the foundation built in Korean I and II and to expand the student's knowledge of how the Korean language functions.

:: Class Hours (4005 & 4006) - Fall and Spring
:: Syllabus
4005(Fall semester), 4006(Spring semester)
:: Evaluation

It is based on attendance, homework, class participation, preparation for the lesson, all quizzes, exams, conversation performance, and writing.


Attendance and Performance 10 %
Four Quizzes 20 %
Chinese Characters Quiz 10 %
Homework 5 %
Mid-term & final exam. 25 %
Presentation and Discussion 10 %
Vocabulary quizzes on readings & videos 10 %
Writing Projects (2) 10 %


# Attendance: Attendance and participation are extremely important in this course. Students are required to actively participate in class activities and discussions. Therefore, it is VERY important for you to come to class on time and prepared for these class activities. From the 4th absence, one point will be substracted for one absence. More importantly, being chronically late or unprepared will negatively influence your final grade.

# Homework: Do submit homework on time. Late homework will not be given a full-credit.

# Writing: Each writing project will thematically be in tune with the reading material at the time.

# Quiz: There will be one make-up quiz (only for bi-weekly or sporadic quiz, not mid-term or final) allowed to each student.

# Grade: There will be no curve applied in the final grade evaluation. You are going to be evaluated by the scale of achievement points above regardless of where you are ranked in the class.
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