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:: Objectives

To enable the four abilities of speaking, listening, writing, and reading skills to develop evenly.

The objective of speaking and listening activities is to provide students with the chance to improve their fluency in colloquial language, handle complex situations in Korean, discuss various topics including areas of their own interests and current social issues. Students will also strengthen their listening skills by viewing scenes selected from Korean TV dramas, movies and documentaries.

In reading and writing activities, students will study high-level vocabulary and increase their reading comprehension skills through reading novels, essays, journals and selections from Korean history and arts. Students will also practice writing summaries, reports, and simple reaction papers of the given reading materials as well as short assignments related to the material.

:: Class Hours (4105 & 4106) - Fall and Spring
Fourth-year Korean
Fourth-year Korean
Fourth-year Korean
:: Syllabus
4105(Fall semester), 4106(Spring semester)
:: Evaluation
1. It is based on attendance, homework, class participation, preparation for the lesson, all quizzes, exams, conversation performance, and writing.

2. Being chronically late (more than 5 minutes) or unprepared will negatively influence your final grade.


Attendance and Class Participation 10 %
Homework 5 %
Vocabulary and Pattern Quizzes 15 %
Chinese Characters Quiz 10 %
Composititon 5 %
Oral Presentation and Discussion 10 %
3 Quizzes 20 %
Midterm & Final 25 %


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