Director / Senior Lecturer

Carol Schulz, Senior Lecturer, Director of Korean Language Program, received her B.A. from Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea (1963), her M.Ed. from Boston University (1971), and her M.S. from Columbia University (1973). Carol H. Schulz joined Columbia faculty in 1973. Her publications include The Korean Proficiency Guidelines, co-authored with others, National Foreign Language Resources Center, (University of Hawaii, 1992); Integrated Korean, Beginning 1 and 2, co-authored with others, (University of Hawaii Press, 2000); Workbook for Integrated Korean, Beginning 1, (University of Hawaii Press, 2000); Integrated Korean, Intermediate 1 and 2, co-authored with others, (University of Hawaii Press, 2001); Workbook for Integrated Korean, Intermediate 1, (University of Hawaii Press, 2001); Listening Comprehension in Elementary Korean, co-authored with others, the Consortium for Language Teaching and Learning, (Yale University); Online Listening Comprehension in Korean, (Columbia University, 2003); "Are women still flowers of the workplace?" Selected Readings in Korean, (University of Hawaii Press, 2004); and "Korean Terms for Calendar and Horary Signs, Holidays and Seasons." Korean Language in Culture and Society, (University of Hawaii Press, 2006).


HyunKyu Yi received his B.A. in history from Yonsei University (1982), Seoul, Korea, and received his M.A in East Asian history from Graduate School of Yonsei University (1987). He taught Korean at Korean Language Institute in Yonsei University from 1988 to 1996. Hyunkyu Yi joined Columbia faculty in 1996. His publication includes Korean Language 1 & 2 -Easy to Learn, co-authored with others, Korean Language Center in New York, (New York, 2000 & 2003) and media instructional material includes Online Listening Comprehension in Korean, (Columbia University).


Beom Lee received his B.A. (1988) and M.A. (1990) in sociology from Hanyang University, Seoul, Korea, and earned an M.A. (2002) and Ed.M. (2005) in Instructional Technology and Media, specialized in second language learning with multimedia, from Teachers Collage, Columbia University. In Korea, he taught philosophy, history, and culture of Korea and English in the Republic of Korea Army as a military officer in education and psychological warfare. He also worked for Hyundai Construction and Engineering Company as an assistant project manager. From 2001, he worked as an associate at Korean Language Program, Columbia University, and joined Columbia faculty in 2005. His research interests include computer-based language instruction and language learning in cognitive science.



Sunhee Song received her B.A.in Elementary Education from Busan National University of Education, M.A. in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) from San Francisco State University, and both Ed.M. and Ed.D (2009) in TESOL from Teachers College, Columbia University. In Korea she worked as a public school teacher for 5 years. In the U.S. she has been teaching English as a second language in various settings and teaching Korean as a foreign language at the Korea Society in New York while studying in the doctoral program at Columbia University. She also taught Korean at Princeton University. Her research and teaching interests include second and foreign language acquisition, language pedagogy, and interactional approaches to language development.






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