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Elementary Korean

KOREAN W1101x-W1102y


Elementary Korean I: sec 1 and 2- 5 pts
Elementary Korean II: sec 1 and 2- 5 pts

Sec 1: Instructor Beom Lee, MTWR 4:10-5:15
Sec 2: Instructor Sunhee Song, MTWR 1:10-2:15

The course is designed to develop the four language skills:
speaking, listening, reading and writing in Korean, and grammar.

Textbook: Integrated Korean, Beginning 1 and 2
  Young-Mee Cho, Hyo Sang Lee, Carol Schulz, Ho-Min Sohn, Sung-Ock Sohn. Hawaii: Univ. of Hawaii Press. 2010
Workbook: Integrated Korean Workbook, Beginning 1 and 2
  Park, Suh, Kim, Oh, Cho. Hawaii: Univ. of Hawaii Press. 2010




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