Holy Mass Schedule

At St. Paul's Chapel (location)
Sunday — 5pm
Monday-Friday — 12:00pm

At the Church of Notre Dame
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Monday-Friday — 1-2pm
110 Earl Hall

Our chaplain Father Dan is also available by appointment — Daniel.O'Reilly@archny.org


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Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton (CC '38) is an influential American Catholic author of the twentieth century and the most prominent among Columbia Catholic alumni. (Learn more.)

Quote of the Week

"Unless we believe and see Jesus in the appearance of bread on the altar, we will not be able to see him in the distressing disguise of the poor."

— Mother Teresa


Come meet our chaplains at their office hours, even just to say hi!
You can also talk to either Fr. Dan
or Fr. Morris

Check out our Columbia Catholic Ministry youtube channel! www.youtube.com/columbiacatholic.

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We are a ministry with quite a number of events. Take a look around and join us for any of them!
We also run Ford Hall, a Catholic Graduate Student House.
Dont' forget to check out Fr. Dan's latest video, at the bottom!

Columbia Coachella

Friday, May 2nd, 8:00 PM at Corpus Christi

Celebrate the end of spring semester with CCM this Friday, 8pm at Corpus Christi at "Columbia Coachella," a talent show/open mic night inspired by the Coachella Spring Music Festival in California. All forms of performances & appropriate self-expression are welcome. There will also be a Photo Booth, a Lip-Syncing contest with a special prize for the winner, and many more! If you are interested in performing email Shannon Murphy.

This Week's Lineup

CCM Apologetics: The Role of Women in the Church
As Catholics, we are called to know, believe and understand our faith. CCM's Apolegetics lecture series, led by Father Dan, is designed to equip students to defend the Catholic faith, especially at Columbia's highly diverse and intellectual environment. Every week, a different topic will be discussed to give Catholics a variety of arguments for usage in a debate. Join us for this week's "CCM Apologetics: Marriage, Contraception, and Same-Sex Attractions"

When: Recurring Mondays, 7:30PM
Where: Lerner Hall, East Ramp Lounge

Holy Hour
Join us for an hour of prayer and fellowship before the Blessed Sacrament. Besides our Sunday Mass, this is our most important event of the week. There will also be opportunity for confession. Afterwards, we will have a student social in the Merton Center with snacks, games and/or movies!

When: Recurring Thursdays, 8 PM
Where: Church of Corpus Christi

Service at the Missionaries of Charity
Join us as we feed the homeless at the Missionaries of Charity Soup Kitchen. Contact Klaudia to sign up: kgl2112@barnard.edu

When: Recurring Fridays, 8AM
Where: Meet at the 116th gates at Amsterdam

Weekly Events: Spring 2014

Daily Mass 12:10 at St. Paul's Chapel
Check out our youtube channel for a weekly video.

Daily Hour Hour 4:00 at Corpus Christi


3:30pm — RCIA
5pm — Mass at St. Paul's Chapel


12:10pm — Daily Mass; St. Paul's Chapel
4:00pm — Daily Holy Hour; Corpus Christi
7:30pm — Apologetics: In the Defense of Faith at Lerner Hall, East Ramp Lounge


12:10pm — Daily Mass; St. Paul's Chapel
4:00pm — Daily Holy Hour; Corput Christi
6:00pm — Girl's Dinner; Merton Dining Room


12:10pm — Daily Mass; St. Paul's Chapel
4:00pm — Daily Holy Hour; Corpus Christi
4:00pm — Study Hours; Merton Center


12:10pm — Daily Mass; St. Paul's Chapel
6:00pm — Guy's Dinner; Merton Dining Room
8pm — Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration*; Church of Corpus Christi
9pm — Student Social; Church of Corpus Christi


8am — Volunteer w/ The Missionaries of Charity
12:10pm — Daily Mass; St. Paul's Chapel


*Get the details of our ongoing events.

Interested in joining a Bible Study?
Together with FOCUS, we run many Bible Studies throughout the week. Contact niru.desliva@focus.org to sign up for one!

Weekly Video Update

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