Holy Mass Schedule

At St. Paul's Chapel (location)
Sunday — 5pm
Monday-Friday — 12:20pm

At the Church of Notre Dame
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Monday-Friday — 1-2pm
110 Earl Hall

Our chaplain Father Dan is also available by appointment.

Thomas Merton

Thomas Merton (CC '38) is arguably the most influential American Catholic author of the twentieth century and definitely the most prominent among Columbia Catholic alumni. (Learn more.)

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Quote of the Week

"Unless we believe and see Jesus in the appearance of bread on the altar, we will not be able to see him in the distressing disguise of the poor."

— Mother Teresa


Come meet our chaplains at their office hours, even just to say hi!
You can also talk to either Fr. Dan
or Fr. Morris

Check out our Columbia Catholic Ministry youtube channel! www.youtube.com/columbiacatholic.

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About CCM

Columbia Catholic Ministry is a community of Columbians—undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff—who believe the truths proclaimed by Jesus Christ through His Catholic Church, and who strive to integrate this Catholic faith into our daily lives.

Columbia Catholic Undergraduates is, as our name suggests, the undergraduate side of the Catholic ministry here at Columbia. Comprised of students from Columbia College, SEAS, Barnard College, and GS, we form a close-knit fellowship of involved Catholic students on our university campus.

Columbia Catholic Graduates is comprised of students from every corner of Columbia’s diverse graduate life. Whether you are in the Med School, the Law School, Teacher's College, GSAS, or any of Columbia’s many post-Bac programs, Columbia Catholic Graduates welcomes you.

Our Columbia Catholic Ministry (CCM) hosts a variety of events each week, all of which are aimed at drawing us closer to one another by bringing us ever closer to Christ in His Church. From our Sunday Mass and Sunday Supper, to our weekly Holy Hour and cookie baking social, we join together to glorify God and to have a good time doing it.

Our ministry as a whole is deeply rooted in the Tradition of the Catholic Church. That means that we put a heavy emphasis on the liturgy, particularly on the Holy Mass. It also means that we seek communion with God largely through what St. Thomas Aquinas refers to as “the life of the mind”. Our school studies are thus never separated from our faith life, but are rather integrated into our entire relationship with God. Our wonderful chaplain also provides us with a number of great opportunities for delving deeper into theological and philosophical investigations, through which we encounter God by means of His gift of human reason.

Our chaplains belong to the parish of the Church of Notre Dame, a gorgeous Catholic parish located just one block away from our campus at 114th Street & Morningside Drive. A number of our ministry’s events, including our bi-semesterly Vigil Nights of Prayer, take place at Notre Dame. Our community is intimately linked to theirs, and we are blessed to have this common fellowship with such an amazing parish.

Because Columbia is located right in the heart of one of the liveliest cities on the planet, our ministry is also blessed to have a number of off-campus opportunities for engaging with the Catholic faith. Thus we go up to Harlem to work with Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity on Friday mornings, serving in their soup kitchen there. We also travel to the Upper East Side each month for Catholic Underground, a special Holy Hour led by Fr. Benedict Groeschel’s Franciscan Friars of the Renewal. These are just a small sample of what New York City has to offer its Catholic inhabitants.

If you want to learn more about our ministry, feel free to email our chaplains or any of our student leaders. We’d always love to talk to you about what we do here at Columbia. God bless!

Graduate Student House: Ford Hall

George Barry Ford Hall is a community house for graduate students involved in the Catholic ministry at Columbia University. Living together allows the 15 residents to build community and to develop spiritually through shared responsibility, study, service, and prayer. Residents prepare communal meals, participate in the ministry on campus, worship together, and undertake household projects. Ford Hall is also the home of a food pantry that distributes free and fresh groceries to the needy, staffed by volunteers from the house and from Community Impact, a service organization on campus.

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. For more information, contact Nick at fordhallcolumbia@gmail.com.