For forty years, the U.S. Department of Education has supported Columbia University's programs of instruction, research, and outreach concerning the former Soviet Bloc. Columbia's East European, Russian, and Eurasian National Resource Center is one of 15 national comprehensive Centers to be funded for 2003-2006.

As part of a longstanding effort to provide resources on Central Asia and the Caucasus, the Center is pleased to present the resources below. Center staff would be grateful for suggested additional links.

Dr. John S. Micgiel
Director East European, Russian, and Eurasian National Resource Center
Columbia University


Regional Links

Regional Links
Culture & History

The Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus at Harvard University

Central Eurasian Studies World Wide
Resources for the Study of Central Eurasia, sponsored by the Harvard Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Central Eurasian Studies Society (CESS)
A private, non-political, non-profit, North America-based organization of scholars who are interested in the study of Central Eurasia, and its history, languages, cultures, and modern states and societies.

Central Asia and the Caucasus
A Center for Social and Political Studies registered in November 1998 in the Swedish city of Luleň, (in English and Russian).

Central Asia - Caucaus Analyst
An online journal published by the Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies

The Caucasus and Central Asia Program of UC Berkeley

Inner Asia and Uralic Resource Center at Indiana University

University of Utah - Resource Page for Armenia, Chechnya and Central Asia

Union of Councils for Jews in the Former Soviet Union - Articles and Resource Page on the Central Asian Republics


EurasiaNet provides information and analysis about political, economic, environmental and social developments in the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, as well as in Russia, the Middle East, and Southwest Asia. The web site also offers additional features, including newsmaker interviews, book reviews and a discussion forum.

The Times of Central Asia

Caucasus Times

The Daily Georgian Times

Civil Georgia
An online news magazine in English, Georgian, and Russian.

Central Asia

Central Asian and Caucasian News Weekly
(in English and Russian)

RFE/RL Central Asian Report

RFE/RL Caucasus Report

Caspian Crossroads Magazine
The Caspian Crossroads Magazine is produced by US-Azerbaijan Council, a non-profit, non-partisan organisation, which serves to foster greater interest and knowledge of the Caucasus and Central Asia among Americans.

US Department of State Regional Topics: Caucasus and Central Asia

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Central Asia Program

The Institute for War and Peace Reporting: Caucasus Program

Chechnya News

South Central Asia Newspapers and News Sources
The Central Asian NGO Network is part of the NGO Support Initiative for Central Asia, a project made possible through the support of USAID and managed by Counterpart International Inc.

Central Asia Institute
The Central Asia Institute promotes literacy, women's vocational skills, and awareness of public health and environmental issues through community initiated education programs in mountain regions of Central Asia.

The Eurasia Foundation

The Open Society Institute

International Research and Exchange Board (IREX)

The Regional Environmental Center for the Caucasus

The Silkroad Foundation
The Silkroad Foundation is a non-profit organization, established in 1996, to promote the study and preservation of cultures and art on Inner Asia and the Silk Road.

Human Rights Watch
Information pages on Europe/Central Asia.

Amnesty International; Commonwealth of Independent States

Caucasus Environmental NGO Network

The Caucasus Foundation

International Relations and Security Network
Links to Caucasus countries, research on the Caucasus, institutes and IOs.

Initiative for Social Action and Renewal in Eurasia (ISAR)

Organization of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (BSEC)

Center for Strategic International Studies - Russia and Eurasia Program

A Geneva-based, private, non-profit organization, active in the Caucasus, Central Asia, the Balkans and in Switzerland. CIMERA focuses on media development and raising the professional qualifications of journalists.

COLISEE (Comité de liaison pour la solidarité avec l'europe de l'est)
In French. Includes information on Central Asia and the Caucasus.

Central Asia Tourism Corporation

Asia Tourism
In English and Russian.

Dostuk Trekking


Tour Armenia

Armenian Tourism Association

Georgia Caucasus Trek Information

Central Asia Fiction
The mission of this journal is to bring powerful, engaging literary tales of life in former Soviet Central Asia to the attention of a world-wide reading public.

Turkic Republics and Communitites
An extensive list of links to resources on Turkic communities in Central Asia.

Caucaus WWW Virtual Libarary

Central Asia Internet Tools

Central Asia Web Directory - Google

World History Archives
The history of Central Asia.

Central Asia Pages
Links to information and resources on Central Asia.

Central Asia Commerce
Business Resource and Directory covering the Newly Independent States.



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