The Executive Committee of the

Faculty of Arts and Sciences

ECFAS is replaced by the Policy and Planning Committee as of academic year 2010-11.

Chair 2009-2010: Amber Miller, Professor of Physics
Vice Chair 2009-2010: Elizabeth Povinelli, Professor of Anthropology

ECFAS Description:

The Executive Committee of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences (ECFAS) is the only body elected to represent the Faculty of Arts
and Sciences to University leadership. The committee consists of twelve faculty and two ex-officio members: the Vice President for
Arts and Sciences and a representative of the School of the Arts. Nine faculty members are elected from the ranks of the tenured
faculty; three each from the divisions of the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences. Three members are elected from the
ranks of untenured faculty, one from each of the three divisions. Elected members serve for three years.

ECFAS participates in the process by which planning priorities are set and resources are allocated among the departments and schools
comprising the Arts and Sciences. The goals of the committee are to identify common faculty concerns and to work with the administration
to address them. ECFAS solicits input from faculty and convenes faculty discussions (Faculty Forums). It sets the bylaws and agenda for
Arts and Sciences faculty meetings.

ECFAS is both a sounding board for new ideas and a source of creative ways to respond to Arts and Sciences challenges. The committee
meets regularly with the President and Provost to address faculty concerns and influence University governance. Working closely with the
Arts and Sciences administration, ECFAS develops initiatives to improve faculty teaching, research, and life. ECFAS oversees faculty
fundraising committees that work with the Arts and Sciences as a liaison on a variety of development issues, including major gifts and
department fundraising. ECFAS also directs an administrative advisory committee.

2009-10 Membership:
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Ruth DeFries, Professor of Ecology, Evolution & Environmental Biology(2010-2013)

Lena Edlund, Associate Professor of Economics (2007-2010)

Kevin Griffin, Associate Professor of Earth and Environmental Sciences(2010-2013)

Robert Jervis, Professor of Political Science(2010-2013)

Richard Korb, Senior Lecturer in Discipline Germanic Languages (2009-2011)

Elisabeth Ladenson, Associate Professor of French and Romance Philology (2009-2011)

Amber Miller, Associate Professor of Physics (2009-2011)

Christine Philliou, Assistant Professor of History(2010-2013)

Elizabeth Povinelli, Professor of Anthropology(2010-2013)

Wayne Proudfoot, Professor of Religion (2009-2011)

Alessandra Russo, Assistant Professor of Spanish & Portuguese(2010-2013)

Scott Snyder, Assistant Professor of Chemistry (2007-2010)

Katharina Volk, Associate Professor of Classics (2007-2010)

Past Membership:


  • 2006-2009
    Patricia Daily, English & Comparative Literature
    Robert Friedman, Mathematics
    Claudio Lomnitz, Professor of Anthropology (2009)
    Shahid Naeem, Ecology, Evolution and Environmental Biology
    Pamela Smith, History
    Nadia Urbinati, Political Science
    Alan Ziegler, School of the Arts
  • 2005-2008
    David Damrosch, English & Comparative Literature
    E. Valentine Daniel, Anthropology
    Cathy Popkin, Slavic Languages
    David Walker, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • 2004-2007
    Dana Fisher, Sociology (2006-2007)
    Christia Mercer, Philosophy (2004-2007)
    David Schiminovich, Astronomy (2005-2007)
  • 2003-2006
    Elizabeth Blackmar, History
    Jean Cohen, Political Science
    Jenny M. Davidson, English & Comparative Literature (2004-2006)
    Stuart Firestein, Biological Sciences
    John Morgan, Mathematics
  • 2002-2005
    Janaki Bakhle, MELAC (2003-04)
    Carmela Franklin, Classics
    Walter Frisch, Music
    Tory Higgins, Psychology
    Andrew Nathan, Political Science
    Kevin Ochsner, Psychology (2004-05)
  • 2001-2004
    Harold Evans, Physics
    Neni Panourgia, Anthropology
    Marc Van de Mieroop, MEALAC
  • 2000-2003
    Gil Anidjar, MEALAC
    Kyle Bagwell, Economics
    Paul Creamer, French
    Andrew Gelman, Statistics
    Alice Kessler-Harris, History
    Paul Richards, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • 1999-2002
    Patricia E. Grieve, Spanish and Portuguese (Chair 2001-2002)
    Terence D'Altroy, Anthropology
    David Helfand, Astronomy (Chair 2000-2001)
  • 1998-2001
    Lynn Cooper, Psychology (Chair 1999-2000)
    Robert Hymes, East Asian Languages and Cultures
    Rosalind Morris, Anthropology
  • 1997-2000
    Jaksa Cvitanic, Statistics
    William Harris, History
    Jim Hays, Earth and Environmental Science
    Zita Nunes, English and Comparative literature
    Brendan O'Flaherty, Economics
    Elaine Sisman, Music
  • 1996-99
    Richard Bulliet, History (Chair 1998-99)
    David Kastan, English
    Henry Pinkham, Mathematics (Chair 1997-98)
  • 1996-97
    Deborah Cohn, Spanish
    Steven Ritz, Physics
  • 1995-98
    Karen Barkey, Sociology
    Robert Krauss, Psychology
    Cathy Popkin, Slavic Languages and Literature
  • 1994-97
    Teodolinda Barolini, Italian (chair 1996)
    Manning Marable, History
    Helen Milner, Political Science (chair 1997)
    James Valentini, Chemistry
  • 1993-96
    Peter Awn, Religion (chair 1994)
    Elizabeth Blackmar, History
    JoAnn Cavallo, Italian
    Marina Cords, Anthropology
    Gabriele Gratton, Psychology
    Dennis Hayes, Geology (chair 1995)
    Jean Howard, English
    Joseph Patterson, Astronomy
  • Founding Members (1991)
    Lisa Anderson*, Political Science
    Mark Anderson, German
    Richard Billows, History
    Donald Hood, Psychology (chair 1991-92)
    Robert Jervis*, Political Science (chair 1993-94)
    Katherine Newman, Anthropology (chair 1992-93)
    Robert Pollack*, Biology
    Wayne Proudfoot, Religion
    Suzanne Said*, Classics
    Haruo Shirane, East Asian Languages and Cultures
    Nicholas Turro, Chemistry

(starred members served a full three year term ending in 1994, the rest a two year term ending in 1993)