Columbia EcoReps

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The dining committee promotes green dining habits throughout the student body by working directly with campus dining administration and by conducting regular plate scrapings during peak dinner hours. Be green by dining green!

Members of the composting committee are the loving caretakers of their aerobic, above-ground composter dubbed "The Rocket." Every week they feed it food scraps from the dining halls and are currently transitioning into student contributions.

Thanks to the living green committee Columbia students are green even in the comfort of their home away from home. Plastic bag recycling and conventional bottle/can and paper recycling are second nature with their efforts!

The Recycling Committee seeks to improve both the awareness and facilities of recycling on campus. The committee teaches proper recycling at events around campus and organizes the annual Kill the Cup initiative.

EcoReps Highlights and Resources

Any day is a good day to become an EcoRep. Click above or here to get in touch with us and get involved!

If you want some tips on living green in college or anywhere, check out our Green Resources page and get informed!