EcoReps Give and Go Green

If you have old belongings you don't want to just toss... donate to us or better yet join us for our spring and fall collecting/selling pushes!

Give and Go Green Volunteers work hard to collect, clean, store, and donate!

"The Give and Go Green Committee wants YOU to donate!"

Give and Go Green is a donation drive held at the end of every spring semester. We collect items like mini fridges, fans, and lamps to store over the summer and then sell to new students during Fall NSOP at the Green Sale for a very discounted price. Each year, we accept around 40 volunteers from our applicant pool to stay a week after school ends in the city to help collect and sort through donations. Then in the Fall, accepted students come before NSOP to help new student check-in, and coordinate NSOP events, culminating in the Green Sale. Although Give and Go Green generates revenue for Ecoreps to fund other large projects like Greenfest, we also donate all of the clothes, food, toiletries, and books we receive to local charities, and have been the largest donators to Goodwill in the past years.

  • More information can be found here.

    Columbia EcoReps


    • Come out to our green events throughout the year for chances to get great freebies like Chipotle bogo cards!

    • The Dining Committee runs regular food scraping operations. Check out their page to learn how to participate.

    • The Living Green Committee has set up plastic bag recycling bins throughout Columbia dorms.

    • Columbia Greenfest was a hit! Check out our pictures from the event and look forward to next year's festivities.

    • EcoReps has merchandise! Shoot us a message if you're interested in some green goods!

    Mini Fridges

    Give and Go Green volunteers collect and scrub mini fridges for storage and subsequent reselling to students in the next semester.

    Hard at work

    Give and Go Green volunteers are hard at work! But the sun is out and the work is rewarding!

    Rolling along

    Give and Go Green volunteers cart student donations to and fro.

    Got Hangers?

    When Columbia students return to campus there will be no shortage of clothing hangers to fill the closet.

    The Haul

    Check out all the donations building up in Wien Lounge!