EcoReps Composting Committee

If you have food scraps and don't want to just toss them...join composting!
The Rocket is our aerobic above-ground composter nestled in the shaft of Ruggles hall.

"The Composting Committee wants YOU to compost!"

The Composting Committee participates in Columbia's efforts to minimize food wastes. Currently, its composter “The Rocket" processes food scraps from Broadway and Schapiro on a purely vegetarian diet so as to reduce odor. The Rocket has a 14-day turnover period with automated temperature and mixing controls that produces high quality compost. The committee is focusing on getting the student body to directly contribute to the composter and on collecting composting from dorms. The Composting Committee meets every Sunday at 6:30pm.

Columbia EcoReps

Meet the Composting Committee Heads!

Pooja Kathail

Pooja Kathail is a SEAS Class of 2018 student from Mountain View, California. She is studying Computer Science and pursuing the premedical track. Outside of EcoReps, she is involved in ADI Labs and is a computer lab consultant for Columbia University Information Technology. Pooja likes exploring the city and trying new food (and composting the food scraps!)

Contact Pooja at

Katherine Uriarte

Katherine Uriarte is a member of the class of 2019 from Los Angeles, California majoring in Environmental Biology. She is currently the Social Media Coordinator of EcoReps as well as a co-chair of the Ecoreps Composting Committee. Outside of Ecoreps, Katherine is involved with Chicanx Caucus, CPA, and Columbia Spectator. When off campus, she can be found going for a run, working in a cafe, or taking photos.


  • Come out to our green events throughout the year for chances to get great freebies like Chipotle bogo cards!

  • The Dining Committee runs regular food scraping operations. Check out their page to learn how to participate.

  • The Living Green Committee has set up plastic bag recycling bins throughout Columbia dorms.

  • Columbia Greenfest was a hit! Check out our pictures from the event and look forward to next year's festivities.

  • EcoReps has merchandise! Shoot us a message if you're interested in some green goods!


Ruggles Hall is the home of The Rocket and the starting point for our student-involvement initiative.


We only feed The Rocket vegetable scraps - meat, bones, dairy etc that could lead to odors are avoided.

Composting Bins

Currently, Broadway and Schapiro residents can compost in their floor kitchen. Also, any Columbia affiliate can request a compost bin and deliver their composting to the Farmers’ Market that is outside Lerner on Thursdays and Sundays.

Friendly Members

We're friendly folks always happy to welcome new members into the group!