Youth Climate Summit

What is a Youth Climate Summit?


The 2019 summit will be held Friday, March 8th all day on Columbia’s campus and is FREE to attend!

Youth climate summits are conferences for high school students to learn about climate change on a personal level through plenary speakers and workshops that show students actionable ways to engage in the climate movement. Each summit concludes with participants being mentored through the process of writing a climate action plan, a project outline for something they can do in their school or community. For each high school that registers, we are looking for a team of students to attend.

At the Columbia Youth Climate Summit, students will:

Speakers for the 2019 summit will include:

The 2018 summit featured a full day of programming, with workshops from:

Learn more about other Youth Climate Summits just like this one that have been done all over the world! Check out the links in this doc

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to or with any further questions.

Columbia University EcoReps

Photo Gallery YCS 2018


Silas Swanson
SEAS '21 | scs2227

Maria Chart
SEAS '21 | mmc2268

Planning Committee

Justin Paik
SEAS '22 | jjp2197

Maria Trifas
CC '21 | mt3209

Yukun Yang
SEAS '19 | yy2822

Amber Zhao
SEAS '21 | az2492

Elisha Zhao
SEAS '22 | erz2111

Zoe Elison
SEAS '22 | zae2001

Caroline Frienberg
CC '19 | crf2137