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Fall Splash!

Join us for Fall Splash on October 14th, 2012



Educational Studies Program

Building excitement for teaching and learning


We are please you are interested in our program and hope you can be part of it.


Fall Splash! tentative date is the 14th of October 2012.

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Columbia ESP is an educational studies program geared toward exposing high school students to a college learning environment. This program invites pre-college students to Columbia's campus for one day of unlimited learning. Our classes are taught by thoroughly educated scholars, from undergrads to PhDs, in an array of subjects that are accessible to high school students.

Our goal is to spread education and encourage a natural curiosity for learning, while facilitating more transparency in the college experience. This builds excitement for teaching and learning, and Splash students have the opportunity to take classes in almost any subject taught by passionate and engaging teachers.

Splash exposes students to an array of subjects covering almost any topic! From the traditional to the no-so tradiational, Splash students are empowered to explore subjects they know, subjects they wish to learn more about, and subjects unfamiliar to them in order to discover what they love!

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