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FALUN DAFA at Columbia

A Powerful Practice System to Improve Mind & Body





Falun Gong also known as Falun Dafa is a traditional high-level Qigong practice from China. One cultivates the heart in following the universal characteristics of "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" (Zhen Shan Ren) and one also practices 5 gentle, slow, easy to learn exercises (one of which is a sitting meditation). Falun Dafa puts emphasis on developing a righteous mind, harmonious relationships at home and at work. This practise improves physical health, relieves stress, develops self-restraint in conflicts and brings inner peace and wisdom.

Courses are free and offered at different practice sites all over the world. More than a hundred million people in 60 countries throughout the world are freely practicing Falun Dafa. All activities are performed by volunteers who benefit from this practise and whom want to share it with others. Donations or gifts are not accepted. Everyone is free to come and go as they choose. The exercises can be practiced individually or with a group. The teachings of Mr. Li Hongzhi are published in a book entitled Zhuan Falun. The book can be downloaded free from: falundafa.org

What is Falun Dafa

Welcome to Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) at Columbia University, a free meditation and Qi Gong group. Great for stress relief, relaxation, healing, etc. Please feel free to join us at any practice site location. Beginners are especially welcome!
All materials are available online free of charge.
  • Free and Open to the Public
  • Relieves stress
    Increases energy
    Greatly improves physical health
    Promotes spiritual growth

Email us with any questions: falundafa@columbia.edu
or call (888) 859-1298
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Falun Dafa (Falun Gong) at Columbia University



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